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Wacky Wednesday: 15 Incredible Fun Facts! Wednesday, February 1, 2017 by dnicoletti. Category: Blog. Tags: Florida • Insurance • Wacky Wednesday. Wacky Wednesday is back once again! As is tradition (again), BBIMI is giving you a glimpse at 15 fun and crazy you probably did not know before you read this blog post. The world is full of. There's just two more days until the weekend, so enjoy this Wacky Wednesday treat courtesy of BB Insurance Marketing

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Wednesday is the middle of the working week, so to many it's the herald of the fast-approaching weekend. That's why they call it Hump Day in America, because it's all smooth sailing from there on out until the weekend. Wednesday is a name often used for fictional characters, as well as the name used by English football club Essential Facts. Interesting Details. 01 For some countries, Wednesday is the 5th day of the week. 02 In the 21st century, 11 different years started on a Wednesday. 03 Leap years have a 14.43% chance of occurring on a Wednesday. 04 The year 2025 will start on a Wednesday. 05 Typically, there are 52 Wednesdays in a year Some of these weird facts are very unexpected. The pasta comes with a beef tomato sauce and a piece of McDo fried chicken Sunny studio/Shutterstock. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but British inventors John Foden and Yannick Read have come up with a bicycle that actually flies.The XploreAir Paravelo is composed of a folding bicycle and a lightweight trailer that contains a biofuel-powered fan motor. The motor turns the fan, and with enough of a runway, it can reach up to 25 mph in the air and. Whacky Wednesday Facts Whacky Wednesday Facts Take 2. A&A White Sewing Center was live. 6 hrs ·. Whacky Wednesday Facts Whacky Wednesday Facts Take 2. 164 Views. 3 Likes 22 Comments 2 Shares. Share

The constable had to chase him down on his bicycle, issuing a ticket for £4 7s and earning Arnold the speedy distinction. For more trivia to impress, here are 40 Random Obscure Facts That Will Make Everyone Think You're a Genius. 4. New car smell is the scent of dozens of chemicals. tommaso79/Shutterstock You might think these facts sound totally false, but trust us, they're totally true! So, if you've got 10 minutes to spare, why not check out these 100 strange but true facts that will shock you! Donkey Kong got his name because his creator believed donkey meant stupid in English and wanted to convey the impression that the. Creating fun, wacky memories is such a great part of childhood. And kids love to be wacky! Today I am sharing ideas to go along with Dr. Seuss's book, Wacky Wednesday! It's such a fun and silly book, kids love it! Plus, it lets children work on their observation and focusing skills. Kids love to look for all the wacky things on each page

101 Fun Facts. 1. Three presidents, all Founding Fathers—John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe—died on July 4. Presidents Adams and Jefferson also died the same year, 1826; President. A baffled child awakens one morning to find everything's out of place, but no one seems to notice, except himself (thus it can be assumed that he is the only one who can see these occurrences)! Beginning readers will have fun discovering all the wacky things wrong on each page while sharpening their ability to observe, as well as to read Most toilets flush in E flat. 2. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top. 3

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From money and Viagra to the planets of our solar system. We check out 30 Weird and Wacky Facts You Didn't Know! Click Here To Subscribe! http://bit.ly/xWack.. Weird But True! Shorts. Bobbing for Apples. Apples and pears party from top to bottom in this Weird But True! video at the pool. Now Playing. 0:45 Wednesday quotes to help you get through hump day. 1. Wednesdays are like Mondays in the middle of the week!. - Lee Fox Williams. 2. If all our national holidays were observed on Wednesdays, we could wind up with nine-day weekends.. - George Carlin. 3 Wacky Wednesday Crafts. Craft time is the perfect time to get a little silly! Silly Creatures — Inspired by another Seuss book, these silly creatures are perfectly wacky and wonderful. Wacky Painting — Discover some wacky painting ideas that will inspire your child to get creative. Popcorn Faces — This silly craft is perfect for toddlers.

In Wacky Wednesday, the main character grows alarmed by all the crazy occurrences around him, even though his peers at school and his teacher think that nothing is amiss. Finally, he meets a patrolman who tells him that everything will go back to normal when all the wacky things are counted - there finally being 20 in all Jul 21, 2019 - Explore Donnice Hildreth's board wacky Wednesday questions on Pinterest. See more ideas about wacky wednesday, facebook engagement posts, interactive posts

Wacky Wednesday. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Wacky Wednesday. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Wacky wednesday, Seuss abc order directions read the titles of, Lesson focus, , Back to school tool kit, Wacky wordies, Stole seuss books 10 down across 2, May writing prompts Here are six interesting and somewhat strange facts: 1. Einstein could have been a president. Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist whose name is renouned for his genius. Not many know, the German Born Einstein was offered the role of Israel's presidency in 1952. He declined Other Wacky Facts. Once in England, because of a water spout, it rained frogs! Almost two-thirds of the earths surface is covered by water. If the earth were flat, water would cover everything in a layer two miles deep! During a solar eclipse, the shadows of leaves make the same crescent shape of the eclipsing sun

Wednesday facts like US election day is always held on a Tuesday because in 1845 farmers often needed a full day to travel by horse-drawn vehicles to the county seat to vote. Farmers would leave Monday, vote on Tuesday and be back in time for market day, which was on Wednesday Top 10 Facts About Wednesday : Wednesday is the day of the week following Tuesday and before Thursday. According to international standard ISO 8601 adopted in most western countries it is the third day of the week. In countries that use the Sunday-first convention Wednesday is defined as the fourth day of the week

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  1. Wacky Wednesday!! 10 Trivia Facts about Halloween! Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year. Many fun facts and trivia are associated with Halloween. Read on to learn ten trivia facts about Halloween. Halloween Trivia Fact #1 Halloween was actually a Celtic holiday. It was originally called Samhain meaning end of summer
  2. Irrelevant Facts for a slack Wednesday. Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. Sherlock Holmes never said 'Elementary, my dear Watson'. The glue on Israeli postage is certified kosher. The Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from Public Libraries
  3. Inquisitive kids will love these 73 fun facts about animals, space, the human body and much more. Fun Facts For Under 5's. Children are like sponges, soaking up all of the information around them so here are some fun facts to really get them thinking! 1) Did you know horses and cows sleep standing up
  4. Fun fact frenzy. The world (nay, the universe) is a weird, wacky, fascinating place. If you're looking for a few (or more than a few) bits of random trivia to share with your friends or just.
  5. Random Fun Facts of the Day. Random fact of the day, tada These are random but useful facts. Everything is random in life. We come across many random things, so enjoy the random fun facts and share the knowledge. Random Facts You Should Know. Crying makes you feel better, reduce stress, and may help to keep the body healthy
  6. 7 Better Names For Wednesday Than Hump Day. Out of all of the days of the week, only one is so bleak, so black of heart, so utterly devoid of any kind of hope, that it gets its own nickname. That.
  7. Amazing Facts sent in by John Franklin*. A dime has 118 ridges around the edge. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear. A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue. A dragonfly has a life span of 24 hours. A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds. A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. A shark is the only fish that can blink.

July 9 (UPI) -- A wedding ring found by a 10-year-old swimmer at the bottom of a Florida spring was returned to its owner, thanks to a social media search. Odd News // 1 day ago. Girl, 6. Other Fun Holidays around July 24 22 Jul Pi Approximation Day. The mathematical holiday is a celebration of the mathematical constant, pi (π). 23 Jul Vanilla Ice Cream Da Entertainment #WackyWednesday: Geek facts you might not know Are you a fan of comic books and science fiction? Be sure to read the following list and see if you were aware of the following geeky facts A study shows that there's a 20% increase in heart attacks on Mondays, hence the the name 'Heart attack day'. 22. Monday is the world's ugly day. You're less attractive on Mondays, at least that is what a study showed. 23. Of the seven days of the week Monday is the only day with the least amount of rain falls. 24

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221+ Clever Happy Wednesday Slogans. Wednesday is the 3rd day of the week, it is between Tuesday and Thursday. It was also known as hump day as it is the middle day of the working days. Wednesday is a colourful and elegant day, you will see people wear their best outfit and they love it 2 thoughts on You're eating dead wasps when you eat figs - Weird and Wacky Wednesday facts Pistachios says: August 22, 2015 at 3:39 pm Hmm.. Well, I like figs too much to stop eating them just coz of this wasp thing. Not too sure on other bugs but I suppose if we're already inadvertantly eating so many bugs, it's probably o

Fun tax facts for National Beer Day - Wacky Tax Wednesday. Anyone saddened that Oktoberfest has come and gone take heart: National American Beer Day falls on its heels. On Oct. 27, 2017, Americans are encouraged to celebrate this unofficial holiday by imbibing new or favorite brews, at home or out. It's the perfect time to swap unusual beer. 2020 has been a difficult year, and more challenges lie ahead. To help lighten the mood, here are some of my favorite food-related wacky sales tax tales. Bread by any other name. While a rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, naming a baked good bread doesn't make it qualify for a 0% value-added tax (VAT) rate in Ireland Wyoming Fun Facts: Wyoming was the first state to have a county public library. The popular Columbia Pictures film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, was filmed on location at Devil's Tower. Middle Jurassic dinosaur footprints that are 165 million years old were found near Shell in 1997 Here's a little-known fact: today is National Trivia Day!Let's celebrate with some of our favorite facts, pulled from our Amazing Fact Generator and the @mental_floss Twitter account.. 1. Oscar. Research has proven some weird facts about Wednesday, for e.g. Women look oldest at 3:#0 on a Wednesday and bosses are most open to suggestions on that day. It is an important day for Catholics as Ash Wednesday in March marks the first day to lend. Spy Wednesday is the Wednesday before Easter and it refers to the treachery of Judas

Facts Leading To Lawsuit. A woman in Haifa sued Channel 2, along with weather forecaster Danny Rup, in small claims court. She wanted to receive $1,000 because Rup had predicted on television that the day would be sunny. It turned out to be rainy and stormy. The woman had listened to Rup's forecast and decided that she could leave home. Tag: Weird and Wacky Wednesday facts You're eating dead wasps when you eat figs - Weird and Wacky Wednesday facts. August 19, 2015 August 22, 2015 2 Comments. Yep. I only just discovered after watching this video

10 More Fast Facts About Twins! 1. After digging up the birth records of more than 59,000 women between 1800 and 1970, University of Utah researchers found that moms of twins tend to live longer. This Wacky Wednesday is NOT eligible for LMS credit. Have a great Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Fun Facts •Male turkeys gobble. Hens do not. They make a clucking noise •Commercially raised turkeys cannot fly •Turkeys have heart attacks. The United States Air Force was doing test runs and breaking the sound barrier. Nearby turkeys dropped dea 10. Wacky Wednesday, the inspiration for this quiz, is the name of a children's book, in which a boy wakes up to experience a series of increasingly bizarre events, such as a palm tree growing in the toilet, and an earthworm chasing a bird 42 Wacky Wednesday Pics To Help Improve Your Mood. 60 Awesome Pics That Will Help You Get Over The Hump! Wednesday Morning Nostalgia Trip. 28 Funny Weird And WTF Pics You Can't Help But Enjoy. An XXL Dump of 50 Funny Memes. 42 Memes and Pics to Improve Your Wednesday. An XXL Sized Dump of 72 Funny Memes Just For You WILD AND WACKY TRIVIA A lot of these trivia questions are obscure facts that may not seem plausible to you, but I guarantee that they are all true. If you really think about some of them, you may find that you know more of them than you would ever guess. Lots of Wild, Wacky and Weird Trivia. 1

Unfortunately, the facts that amuse you aren't necessarily the truth. So, we bring you a filtered list of the most interesting computer facts that you probably did not know before. The History of Computers. Charles Babbage in 1833 invented all the parts that are now used for the modern computer. But the first 'modern' computer was. Wacky Wednesday is a children rated book made by author Dr. Seuss and the illustrator is George Booth. The age rank is 3-7 and it contains forty-eight pages.1 It takes place during Wednesday as it says by the title. It's made for kids to discover twenty wacky things that happen during each page.1 1 Plot 2 Reception 3 See also 4 External links 5 References Every time, there's wacky things going.

22 Fabulous Facts About Thursday. Thursday is sometimes referred to as Friday's Friday, meaning it's the herald of Friday, and therefore the weekend. Many students call Thursdays 'Thirsty Thursdays due to a decreasing number of lessons students have on a Friday making it the day to start their weekend drinking If you thought 100+ trivia facts was a lot, you were right! It is a lot. But it turns out the world is a pretty big and fascinating place in its own right. And though our first post certainly covered a great deal, we soon realized that there are countless other unbelievable trivia facts out there Funny Science Facts. Read some funny science facts for kids. Children will love the cool, crazy, strange, funny, weird, odd, bizarre and wacky information as well as did you know facts and other interesting info that will help them learn a thing or two along the way

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Facts About People. People are strange. These facts are even stranger! Facts About Weather and Nature. Strange things are happening out there. Facts About World Records. World records for all kinds of odd things. Holidays and Seasons Facts. Check out some wacky facts from your favorite holidays! Other Wacky Facts. Wacky, weird and wonderful Wacky Wednesday - The Wonders of Dr. Seuss Okay, so I feel like I owe you an explanation for why yesterday's entry was formatted in such a way that it looked like a kindergarten aged child with a Tablet organized it. It was really not my intention to have the blog looking so haphazard Here's a list of some of the fun, wacky, offbeat, unusual, strange holidays and theme days for the month of August, 2020. Celebrating these, recognizing these theme days is a very simple way to bring a little fun and humor into your workplace and create some rituals and traditions to help strengthen your workplace culture This Week's Wacky Wednesday: Bagging a Bigfoot: Hunting for the Mythical Forest Ninja June 23, 2021; This Week's Wacky Wednesday: Perverse Perseverance Does Not Pay June 16, 2021; This Week's Wacky Wednesday: Let Me Off This Plane or I'll Chute June 9, 202 Here are some of the many weird, fun and fascinating facts surrounding the 2019 World Series: Two former Cy Young winners (Washington's Max Scherzer and Houston's Zack Greinke) faced off in Game 7.

Wacky Pack® Kid's Meals. Wacky Pack® Kid's Meals. Hamburger Wacky Pack®. Customize. Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack®. Customize. Hot Dog Wacky Pack®. Customize. Corn Dog Wacky Pack® June, 2021 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days: June 1. Dare Day. Flip a Coin Day . June 2 . National Bubba Day. National Rocky Road Day. June 3. World Bicycle Day. Repeat Day (I said Repeat Day) June 4. Applesauce Cake Day. Hug Your Cat Day. National Cheese Day. National Doughnut Day always the first Friday in June. Old Maid's Day. June 5.

Wacky Wednesday! 10am-6pm. Kershaw County Farmers Market. 9am-12pm. Delivery Del Webb. 11am-11:15am. Delivery Mount Pleasant. 1pm-1:15pm Science Trivia Facts. Now that you know what we are talking about, it is time for some fun, good-to-know science facts! The DNA in a person's body, when uncoiled, can stretch from Pluto to the Sun and back. A person's sneeze can travel at speeds of about 100 miles per hour! Imagine if your sneeze fueled your movement

Nutrition Facts. See the Nutrition Builder. Chicken Parmesan Pasta. Penne pasta in marinara sauce topped with lightly breaded spicy white chicken, covered with cheese and baked to a golden brown. Served with Howie Bread. Item availability may vary by location. Available Size Fun, Wacky, Silly, Offbeat December Theme Days and Holidays Here's a list of some of the fun, wacky, offbeat, silly and serious holidays and theme days for the month of December, 2020. Celebrating these or recognizing these theme days is a very simple way to bring a little fun and humor into your workplace This item: Cursive Writing Practice: Wacky Facts by Violet Findley Paperback $9.79. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details. Cursive Writing Practice: Jokes & Riddles by Violet Findley Paperback $10.56 Breakfast, lunch and snack will be provided for the first. 5 weeks of camp, the week of July 19th is TBD. $50 Off When You Enroll In 2+ Weeks! Discount applied automatically at checkout. This site requires booking 3 consecutive weeks. Growth Public School is conveniently located in the Rosemont area of Sacramento, near the US-50 freeway Nutrition Facts. See the Nutrition Builder. Veggie Sub. Mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, black olives, tomatoes, mozzarella & cheddar cheese with a side of Italian dressing (lettuce on request). Item availability may vary by location. Available Sizes (select a size below) Regular . 1 Sub. 8 Sub

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Our San Mateo location is made in the shade. You can't beat our outdoor shaded space surrounded by trees and just steps away from hiking trails, beautiful bay views and one of the Bay Area's best playgrounds. 1701 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo CA 94401. 650-206-9483. sanmateo@campedmo.org The Wacky Series Weird & amazing facts! The Wacky series engages kids in learning true, scientific information through a fun and lighthearted approach with weird and interesting facts and colorful illustrations. The series presents a new approach to a popular topic for kids; wacky facts are unique and entertaining Island Pearls Live is live now. 1 hr ·. Wacky Wednesday with Jenn and Jackie 7/21 Vid 3. Order Here: www.islandpearlslive.com. ***DO NOT OWN RIGHTS TO MUSIC IN BACKGROUND*** 4 thoughts on WAckY WeDnesDaY - Fun Facts chadwickmarie says: 09/16/2016 at 9:14 PM Reblogged this on Our Nontraditional Family and commented: A great share,make someone smile. Reply. chadwickmarie says: 09/16/2016 at 9:11 PM Ha Ha. I so needed that,thanks for making me smile. Will share

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Random Facts that You Won't Believe are True. Giant Pandas eat approximately 28 pounds of bamboo a day - that's over 5 tons per year! The Nobel Peace Prize is named for Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite. Cats are not able to taste anything that is sweet. You fart on average 14 times a day, and each fart travels from your body at 7 mph WTF Fun Facts is updated daily with interesting & funny random facts. We post about health, celebs/people, places, animals, history information and much more. New facts all day - every day

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Learning Objective. Upon completion of this lesson on Wacky Wednesday by Theo. LeSieg (Dr. Seuss), students will be able to: . Ask and answer questions about the text. Understand the relationship. 60 Interesting Facts of the Day There are around 1,311 people who live in Verkhoyansk, Russia , a town with an average temperature of -45C (-50F) in January. In 2012, the town was attacked by a pack of 400 wolves facts in a variety of settings and as a springboard for other ideas. We hope you consider this list as just the beginning of an extensive library of fun walking and physical activity facts, and that you will continue to add to them. We encourage you to think of creative ways to share these facts with friends, family, peers, clients and customers

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National Skilled Trades Day * First Wednesday in May Sun, May 2: National Truffle Day: Sun, May 2: National Life Insurance Day Sun, May 2: National Infertility Survival Day Mon, May 3: National SAN Architect Day Mon, May 3: National Lumpy Rug Day Mon, May 3: National Garden Meditation Day Mon, May 3: National Specially-Able Pets Da 100 Funny Icebreaker Questions. Social situations don't have to be awkward. Avoid the long periods of silence by asking fun questions to get people talking. Icebreaker questions are the perfect way to start meetings, initiate conversations and to get people talking in any setting. Once you've got the conversational ball rolling, this will. National Medical Dosimetrist Day: 18 (Third Wednesday) *Serendipity Day: 18 *Aviation Day: 19 *Black Cow Root Beer Float Day: 19 (8/19/1893 by Frank J. Wisner, Cripple Creek Brewing Co., CO. Link Also Aug. 6 by A&W Root Beer). *Coco Chanel Day: 19 *International Bow (Hair) Day: 19 Link *International Orangutan Day: 19 Lin President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Kellogg Arena, Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019, in Battle Creek, Mich. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci) Now playing 03:4 Friday is a day with plenty of interesting facts riding on it - and here are just a few of them to help you get started. 1. Friday's naming origins are intriguing. The word 'Friday' in itself is an interesting one. It's thought to derive from Old English, specifically from the word Frigedaeg. This word is associated with the goddess. Laws are in place to make sure society continues to run smoothly. Sometimes though, laws can get a bit out of hand, weird even. Here are 42 crazy laws from around the world