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Add 1.25 to 1.5 cups water and season with salt as per taste. Combine and mix thoroughly. Cover the pan with a lid. On a low to medium-low heat simmer the curry until the brinjals are cooked well and tender. In between do check the brinjal masala gravy and give a stir. If the gravy looks thick, add some water Baingan masala not baingan bhaji. That was my problem. My local restaurant calls it baingan bhaji. But it's not. I looked at recipe after recipe. Couldn't find anything close. Every recipe was mush. Like cream of eggplant. Not right. Tasty. But not what I was looking for. The version I was after had pieces of eggplant. And skin. Texture baingan musallam recipe | Mughlai baingan masala | shahi baingan sabzi | Indian style spicy baingan musallam | with 25 amazing images. A delightful combination of brinjals and tomatoes with spices and fresh cream, the Baingan Musallam has a luscious texture and mouth-watering flavour. It has an intense flavour and aroma, which will linger on your palate for a long time Try this super quick and easy Brinjal Masala Recipe with step by step instructions. If you love spicy brinjal dishes, you have to try this easy Baingan Masala recipe. Ready to serve in just half an hour, this baingan masala is perfect for those who are short on time but want to prepare a curry to have a proper meal

Add the coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and goda masala powder along with roasted jeera powder and mix well. Now add some salt, mix well again and let it cook over low heat for atleast 20 minutes. Keep stirring the vegetables in between to avoid them burning at the bottom Add ¼ cup roasted peanuts, ½ cup grated fresh coconut, 1 tsp crushed jaggery, 2 tbsp goda masala, 1 cup chopped tomato, 1 tsp tamarind paste, 2 tsp red chili powder, 2 whole green chilies, 2 tsp chopped ginger, and ¼ cup water in the medium jar of a blender and blend until smooth Step 6: Grind the roasted peanuts, sesame, and desiccated coconut in a blender. Step 7: Add garlic cloves and chopped coriander leaves. Make a fine paste of it. If required add 1 - 2 tbsp water. Step 8: Heat the 1 tbsp oil in the pan. Step 9: Add chopped onion when oil is medium hot. Add ½ tsp of salt

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  1. Bharli vangi or Bharva Baingan - stuffed baby eggplants are made in some form across the various regions of India. Recipes differ from place to place. This is a classic Marathi or Maharashtrian recipe. As traditional as this is, every family has a twist on it, and will taste different from place to place
  2. Vangyachi Barith is an exotic, super-delicious Maharashtrian dish made from roasted eggplant and aromatic spices. The large variety of eggplant is roasted directly on the flame until the skin is peeled off, mashed and tempered with spices. This dish is commonly known as Baigan ka bharta in Hindi. Smoking the eggplant before cooking gives an incredible smoky flavour to the dish
  3. Bharli Vangi or Stuffed Brinjals is one of the Maharashtrian vegetarian delicacies where we stuff Brinjals (eggplants) with spicy stuffing and slow cook them. This can be prepared dry or with extra gravy and served with roti or chapati. Serve Bharli Vangi along with Panchmel Dal, Boondi Raita and Phulkas for a weekday lunch or dinner. If you like this recipe, you can also try other Brinjal.
  4. , turmeric powder, onion, tomatoes, coriander and more
  5. Grind together roasted onions, roasted spices, ginger, garlic, salt, turmeric powder, goda masala & jaggery to a very fine, thick & smooth paste. Add tamarind pulp/paste, salt & mix well. Stuff this masala into the slit brinjals and reserve the remaining. Heat oil in a kadai/wok till hot. (I used a pressure cooker)
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Stuff the eggplants with the stuffing and set aside. Reserve the leftover stuffing. Heat oil in a pan; add mustard seeds, asafoetida; once the seeds start to splutter - add the curry leaves and cook for 30 seconds. Gently add the stuffed eggplant to pan along with the reserved stuffing and ½ cup of water. Cook covered on medium-low flame until. Once the stuffing cool down, Stuff it in brinjal. Keep the leftover masala aside to make the gravy. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds, pinch of asafoetida and cumin seeds. Let them splutter. Add remaining onion and saute till translucent. Add stuffed brinjals and add 1 cup of water. Mix well and cover the pan Add some more turmeric powder, Kala masala, garam masala, garlic, groundnut powder, and some chopped coriander leaves (not all) and Stir the mixture for 2 to 5 minutes. 4. Now add water and stir. 5. Cover with a lid and keep for 8 - 10 minutes on the medium flame. until the eggplant is cooked. Garnish with Coriander leaves and serve baingan masala recipe | brinjal masala recipe | eggplant masala curry with detailed photo and video recipe. a stuffed baingan recipe, stuffed with peanut, coconut masala which is later cooked in a tomato and onion based sauce. it is extremely popular eggplant recipe and it is ideally served with roti, naan and chapathi and even with jeer rice recipe

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  2. Recipe of Dahiwale Baingan , Dahiwale baingan is a spicy brinjal curry cooked in a creamy, smooth yoghurt sauce. Popular in Maharashtra, it provides a tasty variation to the regular baingan sabzi. The use of aromatic fennel seeds and kasoori methi make this recipe rather unique in taste
  3. utes or pressure cook for 2 whistles. oil separates, once the ennegayi is cooked completely
  4. imum. Bharwan Baingan, Kohlapuri.
  5. Method for chivda recipe. First, sieve the flattened rice and dry it in the sun. Turn on the stove and in a big vessel, start adding the flattened rice a little by little and saute without oil. In the same vessel, remove the flattened rice; add oil and fry the peanuts on a low flame. Add the sliced coconut and fry till brown

The water that you see are the juices of the roasted baingan. Add the chopped cooked baingan. 8. Stir and mix the chopped baingan very well with the onion-tomato masala mixture. 9. Season with salt as per taste. 10.Finally, Stir and sauté baingan bharta stirring often for some 4 to 5 minutes more. 11 Maharastrian Malvani Masala Recipe. 1. Heat a pan or wok and lower flame, roast coriander seeds and red chilli first until light brown and aromatic. 2. Now add rest of spices and roast until fragrant and crisp, keep stirring. 3. Transfer all spices to a plate and allow to cool. 4

This is a Maharashtrian Snack recipe made with gram flour, cashew nut and, spices. It is a snack made from soaked sago, potatoes, and ground nut powder. It's a preparation of potatoes tossed up with cumin seeds, curry leaves, and green chillies. Peanut is also added to give it a crunchy taste and nutty aroma. 05 Bharli Vangi / Maharashtrian Style Stuffed Baby Eggplant Curry Recipe Bharli Vangi is an authentic Maharashtrian delicacy. As the name itself suggest, bharli ( stuffed) and Vangi ( brinjals) , is basically an eggplant curry dish in which baby eggplants are stuffed with a spicy filling of onions, peanut powder , ginger - garlic and coconut paste. Bharli Vangi Recipe, Learn how to make Bharli Vangi (absolutely delicious recipe of Bharli Vangi ingredients and cooking method) Bharleli vangi means stuffed aubergines. Cook baingan the Maharashtrian way with a sweet and tangy taste. Stuffed with coconut and masalas this aubergine recipe by Chef Hemant Oberoi is easy and absolutely delicious. Slit the eggplant vertically into 4 from the bottom, right up to the stem keeping it intact. Place the slit eggplants in salted water for about 15-20 minutes. Let's prepare the stuffing. 2.Roast peanuts on low heat, set aside. 3.Grate dry coconut, roast it on low heat until golden brown, set aside Maharashtrian style Baingan Bharta Recipe Video. Trust us, once you start making Baingan Bharta like this, you'll fall in love with Baingan/ Brinjal! Here, a large sized Eggplant is slowly roasted directly over flame, so it has that smoky, barbeque-y texture and flavor. It is then cooked along with some spices to make a mouth-watering dish

Stuffed Baingan Masala - Marathi Recipe (Bharali Wangi Recipe) Saved by Malathi K.N. Recipes In Marathi Maharashtrian Recipes Veg Curry Masala Curry Indian Veg Recipes Ethnic Recipes Baingan Masala Bhaji Recipe Veg Dishes. More information... More like thi

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There are many regional Indian variations in the production of Baingan Bharta such as the Maharashtrian Vangyache Bharit or Bihari Baingan Chokha or the Tamil Kathirikai Gothsu. The recipe I shared here is the Punjabi version we make at home. We love this Baingan Ka Bharta simply for its simplicity and taste Stuff baingan with the masala mentioned above and keep aside. Heat 1 tbsp mustard oil in a heavy bottom pan and tamper cumin seeds into it. When the seeds starts tampering put each stuffed baingan,stir and cover the lid. Cook baingan for 10 mins on low flame. Open the lid and flip the side of the baingan

full recipe: Music: bharli vangi recipe | masala vangi | bharli vangi bhaji | stuffed vangi curry with detailed photo and video recipe. an authentic spicy curry recipe made with purple eggplant and blend of stuffed spices. it is one of the popular curry from the marathi cuisine, loaded with warmth. 6-7 curry leaves. Heat oil in a pressure cooker and sautee onions for a couple of minutes. Add coconut, ground peanuts, and powdered spices and cook for another couple of minutes. Add the garlic, jaggery, tamarind, eggplants, water and salt. Cover the cooker and heat on high until the first whistle Masala Tokri. Mar 24. 2 min. Matki chi Usal With Masala Tokri Maharashtrian Goda Masala. 45 0. 1 like. Post not marked as liked. Masala Tokri. Jan 27, 2020 Add the stuffed eggplant, stir, and sauté for a minute. Then cover the pan and cook the filled aubergine on a low flame. Check a few times and stir the vegetables. Cover and then continue cooking. Once cooked, soft and fork tender, then add the remaining seasoning powder mixture. Stir well and fry for a minute

A die hard Baingan lover, I thoroughly enjoy this vegetable in all forms - Be it Kathrikai Sadam, as part of Sambar, Maharashtrian Style Kaap or Fritters, Raita - The list is endless! But, what I particularly enjoy most is the North Indian Sabzi called Baingan Ka Bharta Add all the stuffed brinjals into the masala and close the lid of the pressure cooker. Take a whistle on high flame and then reduce the flame to low. Cook for 5 minutes on low flame and off the flame. Open the lid of the pressure cooker after 5 minutes. Brinjal peanut curry is ready to serve. Serve hot with roti and rice bharwa baingan recipe | stuffed baingan ki sabji | stuffed eggplant curry with a detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and flavoured north indian brinjal based curry made with a unique blend of masala. it is an ideal gravy based curry recipe which can be served as side to any indian flatbread or to a rice and dal combination. this is a gravy.

Dal Vangi Recipe is delicious combination of fresh Brinjals and Lentils, seasoned with fresh spices making it a very comforting Maharashtrian dish. Simple pantry ingredients and fresh seasonal Brinjals is all that takes to make this Dal Vangi Recipe. Special Maharashtrian Goda Masala is added to lift the flavours in this dish. Serve the Dal Vangi Recipe along with hot Steamed Rice , a dollop. Aloo Baingan ki Sabji with step by step photo and video recipe.. Coming from a Punjabi family I have grown up eating sabzi with rich gravy and spices. Though we like to eat simple homely meals as well, Aloo Baingan Masala makes a regular appearance in daily meals at my Mom's place. I have learnt to make Aloo Baingan Recipe from my Mom. It is prepared in onion-tomato gravy along with few.

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1 · 40 minutes · Vangi Bhaat is a popular Maharashtrian style onepot rice dish made with aubergine/baingan and freshly homemade goda masala (blend of Indian spices). Vangi Bhaat is spicy, aromatic and very flavourful Maharashtrian Baingan Bharta Recipe| Masala Special Vangyache Bharit. 0. Festivals, Latest, Makar Sankranti, Special, Traditional, Vegetables. January 11, 2017. Vangyache Bharit is one of the most diverse recipe in India, as each region has its own version with a few tweaks in the method or ingredients. 2 tbsp Maharashtrian Goda Masala 1 tbsp. amchur powder 2 tbsp. jaggery powder 2 tsp Kolhapuri Masala ( it gives typical rustic spicy taste ) alternatively use red chili powder and ginger garlic paste Salt per taste For Tempering or Tadka : 1 tsp each of funnel seeds, sesame seeds and mustard seed 200g - Thick broken potatoes. Method. *Marinate the craven with amber garlic paste, salt, garam masala, craven chilli powder. *Put chicken, broken potato on tandoor skewers and average cook. *Take a abundant basal pan, cascade ghee and accomplished spices, aperture blooming chillies, and broken onion

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8:52. Bharli Vangi - Stuffed Brinjals Recipe by Archana - Maharashtrian Main Course Dish in Marathi. Oha Diyorum. 0:58. ennegayi _ stuffed brinjal _ bharli vangi _ bharwa baingan recipe. TELUGU MOVIES. 5:35. Bharli Vangi Recipe | Stuffed Brinjals Maharashtrian Recipe | Masala Trails With Smita Deo. Emaeloner Baingan ka bharta is one of the most popular dishes cooked in Indian cuisine in different parts of the country. Even though the recipe might differ in different parts of India but the main ingredients that are used remain the same. Before making this vegetable dish, we have to cook the eggplant and then mash it Patodi rassa bhaji recipe is Maharashtrian Besan ki sabji. It tastes awesome when eaten with bhakri, poli (Eggplant/Baingan) Recipe. Ideal Vegetarian and popular Recipe for Lunch and Dinner. Paneer tikka masala is an Indian dish of marinated paneer cheese served in a spiced gravy स्वाद मे भरपूर मसाला बैंगन कैसे बनाये | Masala Baingan Ki Recipe in Hindi | Maharashtrian Styl

Manda's Diary Recipes, Mumbai. 55 likes · 407 talking about this. Watch More Recipes on my Official YouTube Channel. Manda's Diar Awesome Recipes Anytime Anywhere.. Malai paneer bell peppers cold starter recipe (0.9 games of cab per piece), malai paneer dill balls recipe ( 0.7 grams of carb per ball), malai paneer sesame seeds balls recipe (1.7 grams of carb) and lastly malai paneer with mixed herbs balls recipe . You will find our entire collection of Vegetarian Low Carb recipes at Low Carb Diet recipes.

Some tips you can follow when cooking a healthy meal. Plan and shop the exact ingredients you need for every week. Stock the staples in the pantry & refrigerator. Prep for the week by making paratha dough, peeled garlic, tomato puree, etc. And finally, ensure you eat in small portions and eat slowly and eat right For the Filling: Take a bowl and add peanut pwd., tilli pwd, dry coconut pwd, turmeric, chili pwd, coriander, garam masala, ginger garlic paste, jaggery, salt and mix nicely and keep aside. Cut the small brinjals for stuffing that is just give 2 cuts from the back deep enough to be stuffed Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan and add cloves, coriander seeds and peppercorns. Saute for a minute.. Now add sliced onions and fry until brown. Add coconut and stir fry until browned, remove and allow to cool. Grind the mixture to a paste using blender. Add little water if needed. Slit each eggplant lengthwise into four, keeping the stem end intact Stuffed Baingan Masala- Gravy. 4:19 PM 2 Comments Curries, Maharashtrian, Stuffed. A very popular recipe in Maharashtrian homes is Stuffed Brinjal Curry. With many guests at home, it becomes easier to approximate the number of people with the number of brinjals (which might also go wrong at times, if the curry turns out really well ;)) as my. Baingan Masala or Masala Baingan is a simple yet special and tasty dish prepared from the nutritious baingan cooked in a spicy gravy. It is a delicious curry dish that can be prepared for lunch or dinner with hot phulkas, parathas or rice. This tasty Baingan Masala or Masala Baingan dish is sure to make you fall in love with this vegetable

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Making the curry: Heat 1-2 Tablespoons oil in a pan over medium heat. Once the oil is hot add mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds. Once the mustard seeds pop up, add in chopped onions and green chillies. Sauté until the onions turn translucent. Add ginger garlic paste and mix well This is a Maharashtrian style brinjal or eggplant curry with bursting flavors. Yes, this is a sweet and tangy and spicy dry curry that goes well with both rice and roti and also with any variety rice. Like amti dal, this recipe calls for Goda masala too The recipe is almost authentic - i say almost because Indians use garam masala and not curry powder. I don't add yogurt to my baingan bharta, but adding it isn't a sin, i wouldn't heat the dish after adding yogurt. Also, the eggplant is usually fire roasted and the smokey flavor is just outstanding Cover and cook on medium-low flame for 15-20 minutes. Stir 2-3 times in between. Open the pan and add garam masala, tamarind pulp, sugar and mix. Switch off the flame and add some fresh coriander leaves to the curry. Serve hot with any Indian bread. * Use fresh coconut for best taste and results

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Refrigerate leftover baingan bharta in a covered container for up to 3 days. If you plan to freeze the eggplant dish, leave out the fresh cilantro. Transfer the baingan bharta to airtight containers or a zip-close bag and freeze for up to 1 month. Thaw in the refrigerator overnight and reheat on the stovetop until the dish is hot (at least 165 F) Aloo Baingan ki sabji is an Indian curry dish apt for everyday cooking since it's quick, easy and so delicious!!. There are many variations of eggplant and potato curry with each having its own unique taste. My mom makes this yummy Maharashtrian-style stuffed eggplant curry called Bharleli Vangi.While my MIL makes a delicious gravy version using these two veggies Aloo Baingan Masala 5. Add the besan to the blended stuffing/ masala. 6. Check the spice level of the masala and adjust based on your taste. 7. Carefully stuff each baingan with this masala. Since the stuffing is a bit runny due to the water onions release, this would ooze out of the baigans, which is fine. 8. Heat oil in a non stick pan / flat kadhai/ pan. 9

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Recipe Type : Side Dish. INSTRUCTIONS: Wash the Baingan / Eggplant and cut into thin round slices; Heat 2-3 tablespoon of oil on tawa and spread the slices. Flip both sides (add little more oil if required) and cook until the slices are cooked from both side vangi bhaji or vangyachi bhaji recipe - a simple and easy dry curry from maharashtra made with eggplants, spices and ground peanuts. eggplant or brinjals are called as vangi or vangya in marathi. the curry is slightly sweet and tangy due to the addition of a bit of jaggery and tamarind

3 ) Heat cooker with some oil, add bay leaves, curry leaves, onion and fry till lightly brown in color. Now add tomato and fry till tomatoes gets cooked on low heat. Then add ground masala and stir for a few minutes. Then add the white peas, stir and mix well with masala. Add 3 cups of water, salt to taste and stir This is a simple recipe for the popular Maharashtrian dish; the Vangi Batata Rassa, which is a wholesome and filling main course preparation of Vangi, Baingan in Hindi and Egg Plant or Bringals in English and Potatoes. The recipe given is a basic method for the preparation of the Rassa, which can be modified to suit the taste of the family

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Stuffed brinjal are also called as Bharli vangi its a spicy Maharashtrian recipe. This recipe has peanuts and dry coconut/fresh coconut as a stuffing ingredientI had added very less oil to this recipe as both the stuffing ingredients has lot of oil in it . I cooked small Brinjals or Vangi in microwave , Brinjal cooked in microwave with little salt and oil gives a fried brinjal taste .The. This Baingan (Eggplant or Brinjals) Dal Fry recipe is a combination of restaurant style Dal Fry or Dal Tadka and normal Baingan Dal Recipe. In this Baingan Dal Fry Recipe or Brinjal Dal Fry Recipe, I used quite similar ingredients of traditional Dal Fry with some additional and not so secret ingredients which are mostly available in your kitchen..

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DIRECTIONS. In a medium pot with a lid, heat 1 tbsp oil. Add the cubed potatoes and sautee over low-med heat for 8-10 minutes until they are lighly crisped and colored on the outside. Remove and set aside. Add another 1/2 tbsp oil, heat, then add the chopped eggplants. Saute for 7-8 minutes, then remove and set aside Bharwan Baingan is made with besan/chickpeas flour and spices. Bharwan Baingan recipe is very easy. Bharwan Baingan goes well with paratha, roti or Dal chawal. Bharwan Baingan is also popular in some of Maharashtrian Brahman community. Eggplants are used in lots of curries like Baingan Bharta, Baingan Tomato Curry and Bharwan Baingan

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In a bowl add the grated garlic, ground peanuts, garam masala, red chilli powder, salt, haldi powder, and dhania powder. Mix thoroughly and keep aside. Chop off the green stalks. Make 2 cuts in the eggplant about three-fourths of the way in at the other end at right angles to each other. Stuff the masala mixture into these cuts. Heat oil on. Every Maharashtrian family has its own combination of spices. Though some spices like the Goda masala, Kaala masala are commonly used. People here do eat meat and egg accept for the Brahmins. In villages here they eat rotis made up of Bajra and Jowar. Maharashtrian cuisine covers a wide range of spices from very mild to very spicy Maharashtrian style stuffed eggplant recipe, coconut, peanuts, goda masala, and coriander leaves make a simple, yet delicious stuffing. Eggplant goes from an underrated side dish to a great as a main course dish

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Baingan ka bharta recipe is also popular in the state of Bangladesh. From these states it slowly spread to other parts of the country too. Baingan bharta or Baingan ka Bharta is a vegan dish made of mashed brinjal or eggplant after it is grilled in direct fire or over charcoal. The highlight of baingan ka bharta is that, the dish is fully infused with smoky flavour The addition of goda masala makes this rice recipe different from other spicy rice recipes. You can either make goda masala fresh at home or use a store-bought one. Masala bhath can be served for breakfast or lunches or can be packed for lunch boxes. It is a must make for Maharashtrian weddings, special occasions, and festivals like Gudi padwa. Make the dough into 15 or more small equal portions of lemon sized balls. Roll them into small pooris using rolling pin. Instead of dry flour use little oil to coat the puris while rolling them. Heat oil in a deep frying pan till the smokes come up. Fry each puri in the oil till it turns into golden color. Use slotted ladle to flip it fry for a. Vangyache Bharit / Vangi Bharit. Vangi Bharit is an easy Maharashtrian recipe that is made with eggplant or aubergines, commonly called brinjal. This recipe is the Marathi version of the famous baingan ka bharta. Large aubergines that are available in winter are roasted and then used to make this recipe. Enjoy this recipe with phulkas or chapati

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The only requirement is to use small size aubergines. Tikka Baingan masala is a very tasty curry recipe prepared with plenty of good oils and spices making this dish a luxury one. It's truly irresistible when accompanied with rice or naan Executive Chef Dinesh Mhatre shares appetising Maharashtrian recipes like Bharli Vangi and Peas Modak which have been passed down through generations. · Slit baingan into four. Take the grated. Step 4 : Adding masala to chicken 4.1) Add the chicken masala we prepared to the chicken in the kadhai. 4.2) Fry for 2 minutes on medium flame until oil oozes out. 4.3) Add water as per desired consistency. 4.4) Add salt to taste. 4,5) Cover and cook on low flame for 15 minutes. Awesome chicken rassa is ready Add oil and prepare tempering by adding mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida, turmeric powder, red chili powder, and curry leaves. Add potato cubes and saute. Cover and cook for 2-3 minutes over medium heat. 3) Drain all the water from eggplant cubes and add it to the pan. Cover and cook for 2 minutes. Add around 1/2 cup water Vangi bath recipe with homemade vangi bath powder. Vangi bath is a popular rice dish from Karnataka cuisine. The term vangi translates to brinjals or egg plant and bhath means cooking together. Vangi bath is a flavorful dish made with brinjals, spice powder, spices & herbs. It is very easy to make & barely takes 10 to 15 mins if you have the cooked white rice ready

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To roast eggplant (baingan) in oven: Pre-heat the oven to 400F and line the baking tray with aluminium foil. Once the oven is heated to 400F, place the prepped eggplant on baking tray in the oven and let it cook (rotating the eggplant every 20 minutes for even cooking) for about 45mins - 1 hr or till properly cooked Masala Bhaat (also known as masala bhat or masala rice) is a delicately spiced traditional Maharashtrian rice recipe. While typically made with brinjals and ivy gourd (aka baingan & tendli), you can use any veggies you have on hand. It is similar to making vegetable pulao, although with the added twist of coconut Maharashtrian cuisine - Marathi recipes Maharashtrian recipes - Marathi foods. Maharashtrian cuisine and Marathi recipes are known not only in India but outside too. Though the Marathi cuisine is known for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food, we will include here only vegetarian dishes Step by step Eggplant, potatoes and green peas curry recipe (Aloo Baingan Matar ki sabji) Start by washing the eggplants, cut off and discard the stem. Into a pan heat a drop of oil and roast the eggplant until soft. Once done, peel the skin and cut it into small pieces. Heat some oil into a deep pan and add cumin seeds Maharashtrian Cuisine. The Maharashtrian cuisine covers a range from mild to very spicy dishes. Wheat, rice, jowar, bajri, vegetables, lentils and fruit form staples of the Maharashtrian diet. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune tend to be cosmopolitan with Idli, Dosa and even Chinese dishes being common there

Recipe of Baingan Palita / Ringan Palita (Baingan Katri) 1. To prepare spice mixture we need few Indian spices: turmeric powder (haldi), coriander powder (dhaniya), garam masala, red chili powder, ginger/garlic/red chili paste and salt to taste. Take all the spices in a bowl, add a tablespoon of oil and mix it well Methi Matar Malai | Restaurant style. Italian Fried Rice | Corn Fried Rice. Lauki Kofta Curry Recipe | Dudhi Kofta. Stuffed Garlic Bread | Dominos Style | No Yeast. Garlic Potato Wedges | Oven-baked wedges. Baingan Masala | Maharashtrian Spicy eggplant. Boiled Corn on the Cob | Peri-peri and butter Corn. Sambarwadi | Vidarbha Special Recipe 15g - Garam masala powder 5g - Curry leaves. Method. Stuffing for baingan *Slit baingan into four. Take grated coconut, crushed peanut, jaggery, chopped chilly, chopped ginger, chopped dhaniya, and salt. Mix it; stuff it in the baingan. Roast the baingan in an oven. For grav