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  3. 1 5/8 Solid Poplar Top Cap ⁄ Chair Rail. Our 1 5⁄8 top cap molding provides a simple and elegant look to your wainscoting. This intricate molding is custom manufactured specifically for our wainscoitng panels and is used in less formal settings such as half bathrooms or with shaker, v-groove or beadboard wainscoting styles
  4. U-RC-RAIL-8. Weight. 5.65 lbs. Primed, MDF Wainscoting Upper Rail 5 X 5/8, 8 ft long. Specifically made for either of our Recessed Panel or Paneled Wainscoting Kits. The Cap trim is optional. The combination of both the wainscot cap and rail forms the upper rail assembly. *Actual length is 95

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  1. Our chair rail height is at 33 inches. This is based on where the top of our dining room chairs hit the wall. Measure your height on one wall where you start the chair rail. Use the laser level to make it level across the wall. Then work around the room, making sure that each new section of chair rail is even with the one before it
  2. I whipped out my tape measure, and yep, the top of the chair rail came in at exactly 48″ in a room with an eight-foot ceiling. Tres ugly. Tres ugly. The cure would be either ripping it out and starting over OR adding additional wainscoting so that the wainscot would go up approximated 2/3 of the wall
  3. Adjust wainscoting height to be taller, 36 to 48 inches, in a room with a lofted ceiling. In a room with a lofted ceiling and 15-foot walls, the rule of thirds would have wainscoting height at 5 feet
  4. Above: Cream-colored wainscoting at Urban Sanctuary: The Margot House in Barcelona. Sometimes more molding is installed below a chair rail to create a wainscot (also called wainscoting), or at least the illusion of one. While a traditional wainscot is made of framed wooden panels, molding can re-create the look without the panels themselves

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  1. Often, a thin strip of chair rail is run across the top of wainscoting as a visual cap and to receive the impact from chair backs. Beadboard . Spiderstock/Getty Images Beadboard is a style of wood paneling characterized by long, continuous vertical grooves and raised beads spaced every inch or two
  2. How to Install Wainscoting: Step 1: Installing Horizontal Top Rail. Cut 1 x 6 board to proper width for wall. Hold in place, lining bottom edge up with pencil mark. Balance a level on top and adjust until bubble shows board is level. Nail into place with 1 ¼ finish nails
  3. iscent of a hand rail. It usually only appears as trim molding at a chair rail or wainscoting height. This style is usually installed around 32 to 36 from the floor
  4. Wainscoting is a type of decorative paneling that can give every room in your home a more formal and stylish look. Installing wainscoting may seem like a complex job, but DIY wainscoting is an approachable option for beginners. The overall wainscoting cost is also greatly reduced if you do the work yourself instead of hiring a pro

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  1. Sorts of Wainscoting Panels by pinterest. Before installing wainscoting, let's take a look at parts of wainscoting. Let's begin with the upper part ── chair rail. It used to protect the wall from chair damage in a cramped room. Today's chair rails are installed to add visual interest and separate the walls from the top rail and panels
  2. ent top rail safeguards walls from being marred when diners push back from the table. 4. Family rooms and dens. Adding wainscoting to areas where kids—and pets—congregate can have a cal
  3. Size Name:3 1/2 Top Rail & 5 1/2 Bottom Rail Our PVC Wainscoting Rail Pak's offer extra pieces of top and bottom rail that will complete an 8' section of top and bottom rail. If you are looking to put together your own wainscoting system, you can use these components to help build your perfect wainscoting kit
  4. This line represents the top of the chair rail which measure 2-1/2″ wide. The beadboard product measures 32″ tall, and if you do the math, means there is a 1″ gap at the bottom. This gap will be concealed by baseboard and provides space for any height changes in the floor
  5. This is typically about 36 to 48 inches in height. The wainscot will run across the wall surface from wall to wall, right up to the door trim and wall corner(s). Calculate the board feet of base board (1x8), the top rail (1x6) and the vertical stiles (1x4). Also include the cap rail, which will sit on top of the top rail

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MY WEBSITE:https://www.thefinishcarpenter.comTHE GLUE I USE:https://www.thefinishcarpenter.com/shopEVERY TOOL I USE:https://www.amazon.com/shop/dfwcrownmould.. After the baseboard is on it's time to do the top rail. Step 3: Tack On The Top Rail. Measure the width of the wall where the flat trim at the top of your wainscoting (top rail) is going to go. Don't use your baseboard measurement because I guarantee your walls are not even. This measurement for your top rail is going to be slightly. Learn how to design and install chair rail with flat panel wainscoting and all the tips, tools and techniques you'll need to do the job in your home.Click on.. 8. Construct a picture rail to top off the wainscoted wall by first using a table saw to bevel a piece of brick molding. Cut at a 45-degree angle so that it sits flush with the beadboard. 9. Use wood glue to adhere a four-inch piece of MDF flat across the top of the piece of brick molding. Secure with a nail gun

I started by laying out a rough line where the top rail would be on the wall. I went with a thirty-six inch high rail and they say that the general rule of thumb for a low wainscoting is one third of the wall height. We definitely needed to add some color so I'll be painting the whole room a nice blue green Building the Plate Rail. Even if I was only doing the board and baton, I'd still top it off with a horizontal cap piece. If it was lower height wainscoting, I'd probably add a piece chair rail molding as well. Those would be purely decorative, and I'd probably just angle nail them into the drywall 1×4 select Pine board for the top rail. 1×3 inexpensive backer boards. Cove molding; 1×2 select Pine for cap. (you can use any creative piece of trim to top your wainscoting. This is just what we used for this project. Step 1 Prep & Layout. Take a look at the space you are planing to do the install Will extend the height of your wainscoting about 1-1/4. When ordering below specify whether you want it notched to fit over the top edge of 3/8, 1/2 or 5/8 thick wainscotting. Because this Nosing is nicely rounded on the front edge, and because it is solid wood, it makes a very handsome and durable chair rail Need Help with Wainscoating Top Cap (chair rail) I need a cap for the Georgia Pacific 4x8 beadboard paneling I'm installing. The paneling is .322 thick and I need a piece of trim with a rabbet cut into it... Saved by DIYChatroom. 911

Enjoy the beauty of traditional waincoting in an easy to install kit. Each wainscoting kit includes a top rail, bottom rail, and enough moulded panels for an 8' section of wainscoting. We offer a variety of wainscot panels to choose form in numerous combinations. Or, design your own wainscoting combination The pieces that are used along that top unfinished edge would be considered the cap for the wainscoting. There are different types of materials and molding that can serve as the top for the wainscoting and each has their own style and benefits. Types Of Wainscoting Caps And Moldings: 1. Tile Chair Rail Molding For A Wainscoting Cap - Cost: $$ Mastercraft® 3/4 x 1-1/4 x 8' Unfinished Oak Wainscot Cap Moulding WM292. Model Number: OAK_WAIN_4171867 Menards ® SKU: 4171867. Final Price: $12.18. You Save $1.51 with Mail-In Rebate. ADD TO CART. Go to top of page. ADD TO CART

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First thing I needed to do was paint. I laid out a line for where the top rail would go at 36. I painted the entire room above the line a nice blue green (Behr Clear Pond). On the lower portion I painted it the same white I will be painting the trim pieces. In the corner I used green painters tape to get a clean line Jul 2, 2021 - Explore Elite Trimworks's board Wainscoting, followed by 6803 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about wainscoting, wainscoting kits, paneling The original purpose of a chair rail was to guard the wall against damage the backs of errant chairs, but a if the chair rail will mark the top edge of wainscoting, for instance, simply follow the top edge of that material. Doesn't this picture look great? Installing a chair rail is a project that you can do yourself with a few simple tools Like all the moldings we install in our homes, their origins can normally be traced back to the classical orders. Wainscoting (also called dado wall paneling) is meant to replicate the pedestal on a classical column—also called a dado. And chair rail represents the molding that caps the top of the pedestal

top and bottom rails against the long wall. I transfer the layout from the wall to the rails using a speed square. Then I lay the stiles along the rails' layout lines (photo p. 83). (Remember, the lapped corner stiles are 3⁄ 4 in. wider than the others.) To assemble the rails and stiles, I use a pocket-hole jig and connect the pieces with. Use nails to secure the top rail in place once you've leveled it. Step 3: Apply a coat of glue to the first wainscoting panel and put it in place. If you're using board and batten wainscoting, you'll install the battens at properly spaced increments this same way. Secure panels to the studs wherever possible using appropriate brad nails. Wainscoting is the wall paneling used to line or wainscot (pronounced wān′·skət or wān′·skŏt) the lower third of an interior wall, just below the chair rail and above the baseboard or skirting. Though wildly popular today, the Wainscot interior design element has sustained its place throughout history—dating as far back as the 1500's Wainscoting in general is the wall paneling that is most commonly used to line the lower third of an interior wall placed just below the chair rail and just above the baseboard or skirting. Making efficient use of some elegant, traditional wainscoting can help transform an ordinary room into a showplace

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We provide the flexible base and top rails for curved stair cases which can take the shape of the walls regardless of the curve. Our team of professionals will assist you in customizing designs to add raised or flat panel wainscoting to your staircase. Our panelset systems are adjustable to fit any stairways The top of our top rail sits 48″ off the floor. The top of our middle rail sits 8″ below the bottom of the top rail. By measuring and installing the middle rail last, we were able to ensure the top row of squares would be visually uniform. Fastening: Use a stud finder to find studs on the wall and fasten with finish nails. We used 16 gauge. Wainscoting can be as elegant and formal as a raised panel, or a simple as a flat panel with a chair rail. A chair rail is a horizontal molding attached to the wall above the wainscoting. I've never seen wainscoting installed without a chair rail of some sort. The height of a chair rail typically ranges from 32 to 48 inches above the floor First step is to select your style, including raised, shaker, recessed or V-groove panel. Next, determine the height of your panels. (The rule of thumb is that the wainscoting panels are usually 1/3 the height of the wall.) Determine your Top Rail Wainscoting Height, and then determine your Bottom Rail Wainscoting Height It can also be taken up well beyond chair-rail height—most of the way up the wall for an extra layer of protection, leaving the top 2 feet for paint or accent wallpaper. Wainscoting comes in a.

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Calculate Wainscoting Panel and Style Spacing Options with Scaled Diagrams. blocklayer.com Directory ? Inch or Metric. The main Navigation tabs at top of each page are Metric - inputs in millimeters (mm) For Inch versions, directly under the main tab is a smaller 'Inch' tab for the Feet and Inch version. Bottom Rail Our PVC Wainscoting RailPak's offer extra pieces of top and bottom rail that will complete an 8' section of top and bottom rail. If you are looking to put together your own wainscoting system, you can use these components to help build your perfect wainscoting kit. Deluxe Top & Bottom Rail Kit; Easily installs like traditional wood or MDF moulding

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Depending on the complexity of the style, the wainscoting can have additional parts, but all wainscotings will have a Top Cap, Upper Rail, Stiles, Bottom Cap, Lower Rail and a Shoe. Additional parts would be added in the center where you can have a flat panel, raised panel, beadboard panel, shiplap boards, and overlays—which make up the 5. Elegant, traditional wainscoting looks like an intimidating project, but with this simple, easy-to-assemble design even a moderately skilled DIYer can trans. Tack the 1x6 top rail even with the 31-1/2-in. mark. Nail the bottom 1x6 rail parallel at 9 in. above the floor. Then mark the best positions for the vertical stiles Board and Batten. Board-and-batten wainscoting presents a clean look that accommodates several color combinations besides default pure white. The style has horizontal baseboards and top rails, and. At one end of where the wainscoting will begin, measure the top height for your wainscoting on the wall. 2. Mark the top height Lay out the styles between the bottom and top rails, and screw. A good way to cap the panel is with a chair rail. For a more dramatic look, run the wainscoting two-thirds of the way up the wall and top it with a picture rail. Beaded-board wainscoting is named for the rounded beadlike strips that hide the edges between tongue-and-groove planks

Bathroom wainscoting is usually 38 to 42 inches (96.5 cm to 1 m) high, which is approximately one-third of the wall. It is easier to install it if the height doesn't go over the sink and vanity.. If you decide to make it higher, it can serve as a backsplash, although you will need to put in more effort during installation.Even though you choose high bathroom wainscoting, avoid heights over. Chair rail comes in many sizes, but it generally is around 2.5″ or 3″ wide. You rarely see large width material used in this location. Here are a few common profiles: As you can see in the notes, I really like a flat top profile. I feel like the flat tiny-shelf look just feels proper and fitting. That said, there really is no.

Measure and mark how high on the wall you want the chair rail. Cut chair rail to desired length. Apply using nail gun or liquid nails. Caulk to seal. Wainscoting installation: Steps for the actual boxes: Measure the area between the top of the baseboard and the bottom of the chair rail, as well as the width of the wall The bottom rail of the wainscoting is usually wider than the top rail by an inch or so. This creates a more traditional wainscoting appearance and provides space for a tall, decorative baseboard Next, install the top rail. For this project 1 x 4 is being used for the top rail. A 1 x 4 is actually 3-1/2 wide, so we are using this as is. Start installing the top rail from the same inside corner you started the bottom rail from. Keep the top of the top rail level with the top of the ply. Continue until the entire top rail is installed The Ultimate Guide to Wainscoting:25+ Stylish Wainscoting Ideas. Wainscoting is a classic way to add texture and interest to the walls of any room. Deciding what style and height of wainscoting, however, can be as tricky as choosing the color of paint! We've rounded up nearly 40 stylish wainscoting ideas that we've shown here on.

All kits are 94 wide and are available in heights of 36, 42, 52 and 66 tall. Beadboard chair rail over uneven walls. Our 1 5⁄8 top cap molding provides a simple and elegant look to your wainscoting. It is a popular myth that chair railing got its name from the damage caused by the backs of chairs. Install chair rail moulding to beadboard. In this hallway they used a flat panel wainscoting with baseboard moulding and chair rail on top. A hallway is not usually a feature room but here it adds character and charm when you first walk in the front door. Painting it the same color as the wall gives it a softness If the chair rail extends straight from the top of the wainscoting, a vertical trim piece matching this could be put on just the bottom as an end to the wainscoting. Like this except the top piece keeps going Wainscoting gives a room a traditional homey feel. The technique is popular with country or cottage designed rooms. When a wall has been wainscoted, the bottom portion of the wall, typically 32 to 36 inches up from the floor, is covered with paneling or wallpaper. Along the top border of the wallpaper or paneling, a strip of molding is attached

Traditional wainscoting is usually 32 inches off of the floor. In this case, it would be installed 64 inches tall. About any design of wainscoting can be used for shoulder height. In some cases, such as with picture molding style, a longer frame could be used on the bottom portion, and a frame a 1/3 or 1/2 the size put on top

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Do It Yourself Wainscoting Bathroom. (the rule of thumb is that the wainscoting panels are usually 1/3 the height of the wall.) determine your top rail wainscoting height, and then determine your bottom rail wainscoting height. (thus the metal in our bathroom) however, homes with a higher quality of. Source : www.pinterest.com 2) apply chair [ I assume the wainscoting has a clear line of division? If so, and the bottom is a white semigloss, you have options for the top. If you intend to go white, you may want the whole wall to have the paneled look, in which case you'll want the same paint as the bottom. But if you intend to have color above (which a clear line at the top of the. The wainscot begins at the bottom with a baseboard or molding and a wide, flat bottom rail. The central section contains narrow vertical boards called stiles, square or rectangular panels, and moldings to give the panels a beveled appearance at the edge. Wainscot paneling is finished with a wide, flat top rail and a chair rail or wainscot cap

nail gun. When you get a corner the top rails cannot be butt jointed due to their design, so they must be mitered to allow the stiles and panels to fit in behind. 10. Next, place the Cap Rail over the top rail and secure with finishing nails and adhesive. Lay Shoe Molding along the bottom of the wainscoting and secure it with a pneumatic nail. Kinds of Wainscoting. There are three main types of wainscoting. Firstly, there is beadboard, which is the most basic type and consists of simple wooden panels with vertically routered lines and a baseboard beneath the chair rail, providing an elegant country charm There is no rule regarding the proper height for wainscoting. However, it can be helpful to think in thirds: Shorter wainscoting is usually applied to the bottom third of a wall, or chair-height, while taller wainscoting stretches up to the two-third point, leaving the top third of the wall bare, as in this Tennessee dining room

A chair rail is basically a piece of molding that runs along the middle of your room's perimeter. Begin by measuring the spaces where the chair rail is to be installed. Select appropriate molding to be your chair rail. It serves as a good transition between wall colors, and can also be used to cap wainscoting. How to install a chair rail step 1 Available In Raised Or Recessed Panels. Call Us Today For More Information Nail Paneling to the Wall at the Chalk Line. Position the top of the wainscoting paneling at the chalk line and nail it with a pneumatic nail gun 1/2 inch from the top and bottom of the panels. Nail heads will be invisible, covered by baseboard and chair rail. Step 7 Chair Rail & Wainscoting — Millwork Design Solutions. Chair railing is decorative trim that runs around the room in the middle of the wall, several feet off the ground. The original function was to protect walls from dining chairs and push carts. Wainscoting is any installation of boards or paneling underneath of the chair rail

Wainscoting Products - We Sell and Install. 5″ Wall Batten Top Rail. 6″ Nickel Gap Shiplap Plank. 6″ V-Groove Shiplap Plank. 8″ Wall Batten Baseboard. Bevel Step Backband. Beveled Step Inset Panel Mould. Classic Chair Rail. Classic Panel Mould Wainscoting (also called a dado or dado wall paneling) is supposed to mimic the pedestal of the column. Chair rail represents the molding that caps the top of the pedestal. Contrary to what many people think, the height of chair rail should not match the height of a chair back just because it's called chair rail On this project, the top rail of the wainscot runs about 3⁄ 4 in. above the top of the handrail. I start the layout by marking plumb lines for the end stiles of each run of wainscot. I then snap lines for the top and bottom rails. The point where the top rail intersects the landing panel's plumb line Taking Wainscot Up Stair

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The top of all this is capped by another kind of horizontal trim called chair rail. Wainscoting can also be made of vertical strips of wood capped by chair rail on top and baseboard on the bottom. How to Install Wainscoting: Simplest DIY Option This simple wainscoting works well with simple, shop-milled baseboard. The 1/2″ bullnose bit. That ledge would then sit flush on the top of the wainscoting, and then a molding would bridge any gap left between the molding and the wainscoting, making it look like one piece. I would also route an ogee on the ledge under the rail to give less of an abrupt transition between the pieces. Here is one of the extra pieces we had after cutting

Ideas Update a Chair Rail. The BEST way to update a chair rail is to convert it into wainscoting or board and batten. While these walls weren't ORIGINALLY chair rail alone, you can see how the horizontal moulding would act as the beginning point for a gorgeous wall installation that can be as simple or as detailed as your budget/skills allow Wainscoting is meant to be 32 inches high, flush with the top rail. Although, an extra half inch will give you a little wiggle room to compensate for factors like an uneven floor. Finally, you'll want to locate the wall studs and mark them lightly for your reference. Use a stud finder. These are helpful for when you nail wainscoting in place Hold the wainscot's top rail to this line to be sure all the panels are level. The bottom rail is wider than the top rail. The distance from the top of the bottom rail to the top of the baseboard, which will be added later, should be equal in width to the top rail. In this case, the top rail is 2-1/2 in. wide, and the baseboard will be 3-1/2. Tips for Installing Chair Rail & Wainscoting Last week I mentioned that I would give a tutorial of how we installed our chunky chair rail & wainscoting. However, since my husband did all the work, I don't quite feel competent to give a full tutorial, but I will give you lots of tips on what we did This allows you to visualize the boxes/chair rails and take measurements before you cut your wood.' Dan Bailey, President of WikiLawn Austin Lawn Care notes, 'Using a level, mark a line for the top of the panels. Wainscoting is usually 32 inches tall.' But, the height of your wainscoting depends on the look you want, of course

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This week, we will share with you some wainscot, or chair rail with panel molding, installation tips. Most do-it-yourselfers aren't sure how to layout a wainscot project on the wall. Some of the more common questions include: How high do you place the chair rail? What size should the panel boxes be? What is the typical space used around the. Each Classic Beadboard® kit contains enough panels, top and bottom rails, cap molding and shoe molding to cover eight linear (aka running) feet. Our installed system comes in four finished heights: 32, 36, 40 and 44 and the installation is a snap, requiring less than half the time of solid board (cut on-site) applications Any gaps, you simply fill in with caulk and smooth it with a wet cloth. It immediately closed all the gaps and made the wainscoting look like it was part of the house for years. 1) Decide how high the top of your chair rail should be, draw a line across your wall using a level; 2) Apply chair rail with glue. Once set, secure with finishing nails Wainscot chair rail moulding provides a decorative border at the top wainscoting. This chair rail has a groove in the bottom to accept a wall covering up to 3/8 inch thick. Most often used in conjunction with wainscoting it also can be used with thick paneling

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Wainscot is an easy way to add some character to your home. To wrap up everything here is a list of wainscot styles and the paint posts too. Raised Panel Wainscot. Beadboard Wainscot. Picture Mold Wainscot. Shiplap. Paint selection at Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors & How to Select Popular Fixer Upper Colors It is often used three to five feet above the floor underneath railing or moulding. You will find that as well as having top molding the wainscoting also has a bottom rail made from the same material. As mentioned it is great for preventing scuff marks left by furniture on the walls. Raised pane Generally the bottom rail is taller than the top rail- this is true of almost all base and crown elements. As you are standing and looking down (or up), the bottom rail will appear smaller (or the crown above will appear smaller than an element right in front of you) if it's the same dimension as the top rail, so you often make the bottom rail a little (or a lot) bigger than the top rail STILES AND RAILS WAINSCOTING. Making an impression with scaled up stiles & rails wainscoting. Featuring WindsorONE 1×6 S4SSE Trim Boards. Credit: Matustik Builders. Read more about the project here

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How to Install Beadboard & Chair Rail. Beadboard is a popular type of wainscot paneling that originated in 19th century Victorian and cottage-style homes. The casual look of beadboard makes it. The first step is determining your materials. Chair rail and wainscoting molding is available at any of your home improvement stores in all materials, shapes, and styles. And to be honest, we have done three wainscoting projects and each time we have bought different material The bottom rail of the wainscoting is usually wider than the top rail by an inch or so. This creates a more traditional wainscoting appearance and provides space for a tall, decorative baseboard. If you plan to locate an electric outlet at the floor level, position it on its side so it is completely surrounded by the bottom rail To get a nice seam, I cut one end of both of the top rail boards at a 45-degree angle, then put those ends together up on the wall. If you need to go around corners, you will want to use a miter saw to the cut the ends of the top rail boards at angles too. Try to hit all of the studs when you nail the top rail to the wall. Assembly Complete

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Wainscoting is, at it's most basic, a method of panelling a room. There are many different styles of panelling rooms, most of which have their own name. In the case of wainscoting the idea is to panel the lower section of the wall - the area traditionally between the skirting board and the dado rail (roughly the lower 3 to 5ft of the wall) Batten paneling. Board-and-batten siding is composed of wide planks laid vertically at a height that covers approximately two-thirds of the wall. Narrow strips of wood called battens cover the joints. Capped at the top with a molded plate rail, board-and-batten paneling was a suitably austere alternative to the perceived excesses of Victorian wallcoverings Shaped Top and / or Bottom Rails All wainscot panels with a shaped top and/or bottom rail will be constructed with the rail(s) being continuous. (See Style 20W and 2000W for an example.) Profile Options (Chapter E) 1 Outside Edge Options Outside edge profiles may be specified when wainscot panels are less than 60 x 120 [1524.0mm x 3048.0mm] I added 48 inch high wainscoting to a portion of our living room, using 1/2 inch MDF for the wall and 1 (nominal) poplar boards from a major box store. I used the MLCS Classical router bit for the stiles and rails, and the Pedastal molding bit for the cap board. I consider myself a novice with a router and this project was my first of this size Start molding the nails on the top edge of the wainscoting to create a finely finished edge with varnished nails and a thin line of liquid nails in the channel where the wainscoting is meeting at the wall. There are several options for molding that one can use to customize your wainscoting like chair-rail, half-round, and crown molding, and a.

To start, we first figured out the height that we wanted the top rail and shelf to be. We chose to follow the 1/3, 2/3's rule and set out to have our wainscoting reach 2/3's of the way up the wall, therefore, we made ours 64 high. We nailed on the horizontal top rail using a 4 foot level to make sure it wasn't crooked Detailing for Moldings & Boards. Wainscot caps and panel molding are designed to complement WindsorONE boards and specialty boards in a variety of applications. They also look stunning when used in conjunction with the four WindsorONE molding styles. Profiles Our Nickel Gap wainscoting kits bring the beauty of authentic Nickel Gap wainscoting, with the ease of a DIY installation. Each kit comes complete with a top and bottom rail, and the appropriate length of our reversible Nickel Gap/Breadboard panels that can be trimmed to the height you need for your project

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A classic board-and-batten wainscot with plate rail abuts a built-in sideboard. Photo by Linda Svendsen. Perhaps the most common design for an Arts & Crafts wainscot is vertical board-and-batten paneling. This style was intentionally straightforward and economical to build using readily available builders' woods in oak, fir, cypress, red gum. If the chair rail will mark the top edge of wainscoting, for instance, simply follow the top edge of that material. 3. Measure and cut any miters for the chair rail, especially if you are turning any corners that are not 90º. If you have such a corner, look for an angle measuring device at your hardware store. Measure the angle, divide by two. Wainscoting is a great option if you're building, designing, or remodeling an interior space in Atlanta, Georgia, or anywhere else in the nation. Particularly useful in high-traffic areas such as entryways and staircases, this wood paneling offers an extra level of protection for the lower portion of your walls Raised Panel Wainscoting Styles. Raised panel wainscot is a formal style wainscot. It features beveled edges that really stand out. The panels are raised away from the wall slightly more than the rails and styles. Picture Frame With Crown Molding. Picture rail is nearly the opposite of raised panel wainscoting Nail through the rail with a nail gun and into the studs using 2 1/2″ nails. 3. Find The Stile Length, Measure and Fill. You need to find out how long the stiles need to be cut, so measure the distance from the top rail and the old baseboard at 3 points. Subtract the shortest one and the height of the bottom rail stock