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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Save on Pressure Ulcer Cushion. Free 2-Day Shipping w/ Amazon Prime 1. Dual-Chamber Waterproof Gel Cushion. This wheelchair cushion is our number one choice for the best wheelchair cushion for pressure sores. It has a dual-chamber gel bladder that is in place to prevent gel migration and the dreaded bottom out effect a lot of other wheelchair cushions get TURNSOLE Waffle Cushion Pressure Relief for Seniors - Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Sores for Sitting - Inflatable Coccyx Air Seat Cushion to Relief Back & Tailbone Pain 4.0 out of 5 stars 153 $19.99 $ 19 . 9

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  1. imize shearing and friction force, preventing the occurrences of tissue distortion and damage
  2. g, talk to your doctor or nurse about the steps to take. *****Unbelievable Cushion. Size: Extra Large - 20 x 18 x 2.5 I bought this cushion, Sport XL, to use on my wheelchair
  3. Stratus Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion System. (13) Includes the cushion and pump for the full pressure-relief system. Made with a water-resistant cover to protect against spills. Alternating air cushion system relieves pressure. Ideal for patients at high risk of pressure sores. £199.99 View
  4. g chairs, recliners, wheelchairs, and more! Horizontal Alternating Pressure Seat Cushion

Best Wheelchair Cushion for preventing pressure sores [Buying Guide] Wheelchair cushions come in all kinds of sizes, with different features and for different, sub-purposes. However, all of them are made to increase comfort, make sitting stable, relieve pressure and improves positioning A specialist mattress or therapeutic surface such as an air alternating or low air loss mattress. Pressure cushions e.g. air alternating, gel, foam-based cushions. There are some good pressure cushions available which can contribute to protecting the integrity of the patient's skin The cushion has a pump and fills air tubes that relieve the pressure by changing air pressures every 10 minutes or so. The air cushion covers the seat, back and heels and I can adjust it to make her comfortable. It is meant for people who spend a lot of time or sleep in their recliner. She had stage 2/3 sores and is healed Aquila cushions come highly recommended by therapists and physicians for their disabled patients that have pressure sores because they work. If you want the very best in the business, choose the medically proven Aquila Wheelchair Cushion. Call 866-782-9658 and speak to Justine to find out how we can help you Ulce r prevention and wheelchair cushions. Prolonged time spent on a wheelchair—or seated on any surface, for that matter—is an all-too-common cause of pressure sores, skin breakdown, postural discomfort, and ulcers.. Ulcers - sometimes referred to as Ischemic ulcers—result from a decreased or complete lack of circulation through an artery that provides blood to a specific region of the.

Seat cushions and simple, constant low-pressure devices have not been adequately evaluated. Limited evidence suggests that low air loss beds reduce the incidence of pressure sores in intensive care. Treatment: 6 RCTs of support surfaces for pressure sore treatment were identified. There is good evidence that air-fluidised and low air loss beds. In general, a wheelchair cushion should: Be comfortable enough for all-day seating.power chair seat cushions. Promote basic stability and corrective alignment. Provide for necessary pressure relief and weight distribution. Help to maintain skin integrity. Aid in proper blood flow. Reduce the risk of skin ulcers APK2 Custom Wheelchair Cushion. Retail Price $3900. The patented APK2is a fully-automatic alternating pressure relief wheelchair cushion. The primary function of the APK2 is to help treat and prevent pressure sores (pressure ulcers) by providing the ideal healing conditions and performing automatic pressure relief. Since it is well known that constant pressure is the primary cause of pressure.

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Alternating Air Wheelchair Cushion and Pump System - Chair-Air™ Model 9700CAF Chair-Air™ alternating air wheelchair cushion has four individual bladders that alternate to provide the patient a superior pressure redistribution seating surface while the unique molded design, with a slight abductor pommel, stabilizes the hips and keeps the patient in proper mid-line alignment Low Air Loss Mattresses are primarily categorized by Medicare as a pressure ulcer treatment product, but they can also serve the preventative goal of stopping pressure ulcers from worsening. These mattresses use advanced an advanced rotation technology consisting of rows of inflatable mattress tubes. After fully inflating in only a few minutes, the mattress alternates between each row of tubes. The exclusive Recliner Air is the most advanced recliner overlay cushion for the prevention and treatment of stages I-IV pressure ulcers concentrated on the buttocks, coccyx and sacral areas. Recliner Air is for individuals who sit for extended periods of time or sleep in their recliners where discomfort, pain and even pressure ulcers are common A firm, low-profile foam cushion may not be the best option for users with existing sores or a history of ulcers. Choosing a cushion that matches your risk of skin breakdown is essential. If you are sitting for long periods of time, you may be prone to pressure sores and ulcers Roho offers a large range of Roho cushions and it can be challenging knowing which cushion is the right one for you. As a starting point, if you are considering Roho here are some of the most commonly asked questions. We've also put together a graph as a guide to selecting a cushion to suit your needs

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The pressure relief cushions in this section have various designs, all design to improve comfort for those forced to sit for sustained periods. Included here are cost-effective foam designs and more expensive gel cushions made for prolonged useage The Protekt® O2 wheelchair cushion is an excellent choice for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. The soft interconnected air cells allow for deep immersion providing constant low pressure across the entire seating surface. Medicare code E2624/E2625 Chair-Air. Alternating air wheelchair cushion and pump system. ROHO Cushions. ROHO cushions feature patented Dry Floatation (R) Aircell technology to help reduce pressure ulcers, and work for any patient, regardless of their weight, when properly sized to the individual. Samba Cushions. Samba Cushions feature an air cushion core that adjusts.

Buy JFNV-Anti-Bedsore Air Mattress Includes Electric Pump System and Mattress for Pressure Ulcer and Pressure Sore Treatment - Fits Standard Hospital Bed: Pressure Mattresses & Pumps - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase Cushions and seating are powered or non-powered devices placed on a wheelchair or other seating surface. They utilize air, fluid, foam, gel, water, wool or a combination of these components to distribute pressure and reduce friction and shear forces. Their design may improve patient positioning and provide lateral stability. Available with antibacterial, waterproof, anti-static covers.

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The Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System is a bed overlay and pump built to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Air fills cells for a short time before getting released. As alternating cells fill and deflate, pressure points get spread around the body, which helps keep blood flowing The Stratus Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion System includes the Stratus Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion and BOS ST160 Analogue Pump to prevent pressure sores. The system helps re-position your body so blood can circulate easily to your skin, which in turn prevent decubitis pressure ulcers from forming Pressure relief cushions are designed to reduce the chance of developing sores caused by spending extended periods of time in the same position. Essential Aids supplies a wide range of cushions, with materials ranging from standard foam, memory foam, gel, and inflatable synthetic rubber. Using a pressure sore cushion in an armchair, wheelchair. The ProHeal Wheelchair Air Cushion is the perfect choice for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores and ulcers. Soft interconnected air cells allow for deep immersion providing constant low pressure across the entire seating surface.BEST SKIN & TISSUE PROTECTION: Designed to treat and prevent soft tissue o

and management of pressure ulcers. The range of alternating air pressure products is as follows:- allowing for moving components on electric bed to operate their respective alternating air pressure cushions. Place the cushion on a chair ROHO produces pressure relief cushions made of soft, flexible air cells connected by small channels. Q.5) What is a Pressure Cushion? Pressure cushions are specially designed wheelchair cushions that prevent pressure sores when the user is in the chair for an extended period of time Designed to relieve pressure on soft tissue areas and provide comfort. Lightweight for easier transport. Easy to clean and will deflate down to a compact size. Helps distribute pressure evenly. Repose can be cleaned and reused. Specification. Contents: 1 x Cushion & 1 x Small Pump. Inflated Dimensions L 450mm x W 450mm x 75mm. Order Code: 6201100 With 4 inch cells, the ROHO High Profile® Wheelchair Cushion is the wheelchair cushion of choice for individuals who suffer from pressure sores or have a history of tissue breakdown. The soft pliable material and cellular design allow the user to be immersed into the cushion for maximum pressure redistribution The Lento is available with an alternating air cushion for individuals with existing pressure ulcers, or at extremely high risk. One downside of alternating air pressure relief is the cushions are not very comfortable. An added benefit of the Lento, is the pressure relief cushion can quickly be swapped without any tools

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Pressure relief mattress and bed pad systems prevent pressure ulcers, commonly called bed sores or pressure sores, by alternating pressure to disperse it away from bone protrusions. Many systems use air chambers in their mattresses or pads. Read more. A solid, all-night sleep is important for good health and it can be essential to older people. Alternating pressure recliner cushions, alternating pressure mattresses, wheelchair seating and more to prevent and treat bed sores and improve comfort. Effective, durable, affordable Made in the USA JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser This pneumatic seat cushion uses a consistent cycle of alternating low air pressure that flows through the cushion's air cells. The alternating pressure gives each area some time to be relieved or the pad can be used in static mode for a constant cushioning effect. HELP FOR PRESSURE SORES: Painful pressure sores can really put a crimp in your.

Talley's specialist bed mattresses and seat cushions are specifically designed to help with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in both hospital and community settings. Our comprehensive product range includes active (alternating pressure) air mattresses, hybrid mattresses (combining foam and air) and reactive (foam only) support. Washable: Cushion can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Cover is machine washable. Repairable:The flame-resistant, black neoprene made without latex cushion can be patched or repaired to extend its use. Ventilated: Separated air cells allow air circulation to reach the surface of the skin and provide a cooling environment Air-Fluidized Beds (See Air-Fluidized Beds, §280.8 of the NCD Manual.) Alternating Pressure Pads, Mattresses and Lamb's Wool Pads: Covered if patient has, or is highly susceptible to, decubitus ulcers and the patient's physician specifies that he/she has specified that he will be supervising the course of treatment Most pressure ulcers are preventable with therapeutic support surfaces, like pressure sore cushions, pressure relief mattresses and medical air mattresses for hospital beds. All are designed to reduce pressure on the body. PHC-Online carries a variety of different support surfaces that mold closely to the body in order to redistribute weight.

X6 Chair/Bed. Designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure problems related to long-term seating, the X6 mobile chair-bed features a contoured dual layer air cushion overlaid with pressure relieving high density foam which distributes the user's weight, ensuring that there are no main pressure points that can restrict circulation. 4-way stretch vapour permeable fabric is made in. The use of pressure therapy aids in pressure care can assist in the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. Such aids include: Alternating Air Pressure Overlays : these consist of a number of air filled cells that aternatively deflate and inflate to reduce pressure on particular body areas, used in cin conjunction with a standard mattress 1,648 cushion pressure ulcer products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which physical therapy equipments accounts for 1%, other healthcare supply accounts for 1%, and rehabilitation therapy supplies accounts for 1%. A wide variety of cushion pressure ulcer options are available to you, such as 1 year Pressure Care Equipment. People with paralysis or limited mobility for any reason are at risk of pressure ulcers, or bed sores. Pressure ulcers prolong hospitalisation, increase demand on nursing care and can be fatal. It is thought that 95% of all pressure ulcers are preventable with thorough risk assessment and the implementation of. We manufacture a growing portfolio of pressure prevention support surfaces that we supply to the healthcare industry, across nursing care homes and the NHS. Our Pure Air, Simpulse and OLA pressure mattress and cushion brands are synonymous for achieving clinical efficacy, quality and affordability. Our approach is guided by our C3 philosophy.

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Seat Cushion. The Sedens 500 is a light weight and battery powered dynamic seat cushion perfectly designed to be used in wheel chairs. The Sedens 410 is an alternating hybrid cushion utilizing same Apex alternating mattress pumps to provide effective seating solution Non-powered mattresses are devices placed directly on or integrated into a semi-electric or total electric hospital bed frame. They may utilize air, fluid, foam, gel, water or a combination of these components to distribute pressure and reduce friction and shear forces. They generally have a durable waterproof cover. Indicated for patients with stage 2, 3 or 4 pressure ulcers or post-operative. Pressure-reducing support surfaces. Part B covers pressure-reducing support surfaces as durable medical equipment (DME) that your doctor prescribes for use in your home. Note. You may have to get prior approval [PDF, 185 KB] for 5 types of pressure-reducing support surfaces How Parafricta products can help you prevent pressure sores. Parafricta has been quietly revolutionising the care and treatment of pressure sores since 2004. They have invented a unique low friction fabric that reduces friction on the skin and so helps to avoid pressure sores forming in the first place. Continue readin

Objective: At present, the evidence regarding the type of mattress that is the best for preventing pressure ulcers is not convincing. In a single center, prospective, controlled trial we compared a static air overlay mattress (no electric pump needed) on top of a cold foam mattress with a cold foam mattress alone on pressure ulcer incidence in nursing home residents Medical Pressure Sore Prevention Cushion,Portable Inflatable Cushion Seat with Bonus Air Pump for Prolonged Sitting Ideal Seat Cushion for Daily Use 2.8 out of 5 stars 7 £12.49 £ 12 . 49 (£17.60/l - Pressure relief cushions work by distributing a user's body weight across a wider area. - This allows for improved blood flow and postural stability. - Different materials offer varying levels of comfort and support. - Pressure seat cushions can be made from a durable gel material, soft air-filled cells, or completely modular foam system

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9.7. Everlasting Comfort Gel Memory Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion - Pressure Sore & Ulcer Pain Relief. Buy Now. 9.4. Vive Wheelchair Cushion - Gel Seat Pad for Coccyx, Orthopedic Back Support, Sciatica & Tailbone Pain Relief - Waterproof Cover + 4 Layer Foam Support and Comfort - for Pressure Sores and Ulcers. Buy Now Bedsores are ulcers that happen on areas of the skin that are under pressure from lying in bed, sitting in a wheelchair, or wearing a cast for a prolonged time. Bedsores are also called pressure injuries, pressure sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers. Bedsores can be a serious problem among frail older adults A regular cushion or pillow on the seat just isn't efficient enough to endure sitting for long periods of time. It flattens easily and doesn't help prevent pressure sores. Pressure sores are extremely common amongst wheelchair users, and in order to avoid them wheelchair users should perform pressure relief every 15 or 30 minutes Our range of pressure care cushions are available in memory foam, Equagel, air foam, high-density foam, and dry floatation air options to suit a variety of specific needs and requirements. Pressure care cushions help prevent against pressure sores/pressure ulcers from developing and are suitable for use with wheelchairs, electric scooters and. Make pressure sores a thing of the past with our range of heel and elbow protectors. Browse our extensive, affordable range and shop online today

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inflatable cushion. inflatable air wheelchair cushion. View More. Senyang custom comfort alternating pressure anti bedsore medical inflatable pad seat chair wheelchair air cushion. From the material, anti bedsore air cushion is different from the ordinary sponge cushion, This new cushion has no filler, and the only filler is air This unique alternating pressure recliner geri-chair air mattress system allows for patients who are at high risk for pressure sores to be placed in a variety of mobile devices.Patients are no longer confined to bed for the whole day due to the risks of sitting without proper pressure redistribution. Chair-Air™ alternating air recliner mattress systems can be integrated into a geriatric. If you will be sitting in a wheelchair for more than 2 hours a day you will need a cushion not only for comfort and support but for ulcer (skin breakdown) prevention see our air and skin prevention cushions. If you already have a skin ulcer see a professional to fit you to the correct wheelchair cushion or call us at 1-800-320-7140 Preventing pressure injuries on the heels is critical for good patient care. It is widely documented that the heel is the second most common site for pressure injuries. A prevalence study conducted over a 16-year period revealed that heel ulcers accounted for 34% of all PIs in bedridden patients

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  1. Pressure ulcers are basically places on your skin where damage occurred and where the skin and the tissues underneath broke down. These ulcers range in how severe they are and in some rare cases can even cause death. If the ulcers are diagnosed early on and are taken care of in the right way, this can be prevented. This guide serves as an introduction to pressure care. It is aimed at helping.
  2. Pressure ulcer Incontinence prevention ncontinence What is a pressure ulcer? Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, are wounds to the skin caused by sitting or lying in one position for too long. They generally occur over a bony area on the body. Incontinence Being incontinent is a well known risk factor in the development of pressure ulcers
  3. Pressure ulcers are also called bedsores, or pressure sores. They can form when your skin and soft tissue press against a harder surface, such as a chair or bed, for a prolonged time. This pressure reduces blood supply to that area. Lack of blood supply can cause the skin tissue in this area to become damaged or die
  4. Nurses may stage pressure ulcers, but the CMS wants a doctor to say, 'Yes, there is a pressure ulcer on admission,' she said. Expect to find pressure ulcers in as many as 15% to 25% of patients, particularly those transferred from nursing homes or long-term care facilities
  5. Find out if the there is a pressure sore team (and if you can be on it!). As part of the protocol, there is often a designated team to respond when pressure injuries do occur. Sometimes pressure ulcer management is part of the wound care team's purview. If you can be on this team, great
  6. Control D Alternating Pressure Pad - Air Mattress Pad and Electric Pump System - Quiet, Inflatable Bed Air Topper for Pressure Ulcer Sore Treatment - Fits Standard Hospital Bed for Bedridden Patients 3.9 out of 5 stars 5

item 3 Wheelchair Cushion Air Seat 4 sections Adjustable Stable Durable Prevent Sores 2 - Wheelchair Cushion Air Seat 4 sections Adjustable Stable Durable Prevent Sores. $189.00 +$49.54 shipping. item 4 Air Cushion for Wheelchair Adjustable Positioning Seat Comfort Pressure Relief 3 - Air Cushion for Wheelchair Electric Wheelchair Power. A low air loss mattress is a mattress designed to prevent and treat pressure wounds. The mattress is composed of multiple inflatable air tubes that alternately inflate and deflate, mimicking the movement of a patient shifting in bed or being rotated by a caregiver, never leaving the patient in one position for any extended length of time

Background. Pressure ulcers remain a major health problem affecting approximately 3 million adults. 1 In 1993, pressure ulcers were noted in 280,000 hospital stays, and 11 years later the number of ulcers was 455,000. 2 The Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) report found from 1993 to 2003 a 63 percent increase in pressure ulcers, but the total number of hospitalizations during this. Specialised cushions which are designed to protect skin and reduce pressure on the bony prominences are recommended for people with cerebral palsy at risk of pressure areas 2. Air and gel cushions are recommended over foam cushions 3,4. Pressure care should not be limited to use of a cushion Keep pressure off the sore. Maintain good hygiene. Wash with mild soap and water, pat dry carefully. Do not rub vigorously over the wound. Review your mattress, wheelchair cushion, transfers and turning techniques for possible cause of the problem. Ultralife Healthcare can assist you with a pressure relieving mattress and cushions Wheelchair or seat cushions improve your comfort level as well as guard against pressure sores from prolonged seating in one position. The right cushion will help keep you from tilting forward and make you more comfortable. Most effective cushions are between 3 and 4 thick and are covered with an easy to clean and durable fabric Ideal for use in your arm chair, the Repose® Air Filled Cushion pumps air into the membranes to relieve pressure and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Effectively distributing pressure, this... £80.98. View Product

Easy to clean and maintain. Cost effective method to provide pressure area care to a wheelchair and static chair. Specification. Repose Care-Sit & Cover 450mm. Contents: 1 x Care-Sit 450mm Inflatable Inner Section, 1 x Care-Sit 450mm Cover and 1 x Pump. Inflated dimensions: L 950mm x W 450mm. Inflated Back Section dimensions: L 450mm x W 450mm A pressure ulcer is localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure, or pressure in combination with shear. Pressure Ulcer Risk Areas Where are commonly occurring pressure ulcers when patients are in different positions Roho High Profile Air Cushion. The Roho High Profile Dual Compartment cushion is a high quality seat cushion with two sections of interconnected air cells which allow the user to control side-to-side (to adjust for pelvic obliquities) or front to back (to adjust the tilt angle) pressure by increasing or decreasing the inflation of one compartment Heel Protectors are the best way to prevent and heal pressure sores on the heel. Heel pressure sores are caused when pressure mounts against the heel. This pressure limits blood flow to the skin, making the skin vulnerable to damage and this allows for sores to develop. A pressure sore on the heel can occur very quickly when movement is limited The alternating pressure mattress was designed to provide relief from bed sores and ulcers caused from prolonged bed rest.It has air-filled channels that alternate filling up and decompressing to keep bearing weight off certain areas, and allows blood flow to reach different areas of the body of immobilized or weak patients who cannot shift.

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prevention and management of pressure ulcers. The range of alternating air pressure products is as follows:- allowing for moving components on electric bed frames. This is important as it stops the mattress It should be noted that the use of an alternating air pressure cushion will increas Air Seat Comfort Cushion is an air filled, adjustable, segmented air pouch design. The cellular design and the soft pliable material allow the individual to be immersed into the cushion for maximum pressure redistribution, while decreasing friction and shear. Perfect for long drives, wheelchairs, individuals with skin/soft tissue integrity issues Alternating pressure cushions and mattresses for pressure relief. Categories. Shop (5711) Mobility and Equipment (86) Daily Living and Wheelchair Use (23) Pressure Care Cushions (29) Mattresses (3) Sheein (30) Manufacturer. Permobil (27) REHAB AND MOBILITY (1) Seating. Heavy Duty/Bariatric Cushions : These are specialized cushions which have been designed to hold and evenly distribute profound weights and minimize material stress. They are not only sturdy but also soft and comfortable. High density resilient foam is used to prevent bottoming out. Products featu.. Cushions provide pressure relief and weight distribution and thus aid in the prevention of pressure sores. Many types of cushions exist, but there is no ideal cushion. Use the cushion recommended by your physical therapist/physiatrist. If air is used in the cushion, check to see that it is filled correctly

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  1. wheelchair air cushion Medical cushion for wheelchair anti-decubitus improve blood circle alternating pressure cushion alternating pressure air cushion for wheelchair Cushion Item: APP-C01 Item: APP-C02 Item: APP-C03 Size: 46*46*9cm Size: 45*45*9cm Size:110*45*9cm weight :1.5kg weight : 1.3kg weight : 2.0kg cover: 2-way stretch PU cover: 2-way stretch PU cover: 2-way stretch PU Air cells: PVC.
  2. Static air cushions and dynamic air cushions have been used in hospitals for years to prevent pressure sore development and increase patient comfort. These helpful aids quickly moved into residential environments, being a cost-efficient, low maintenance and effective piece of healthcare equipment for those with mobility and balance problems
  3. Footcare Air Inflatable Seat Cushion Medical Anti-Decubitus Air Seat Cush 18x 16. $35.99. $40.99. previous price $40.99. 12% off. 12% off previous price $40.99 12% off. + $2.00 shipping. + $2.00 shipping + $2.00 shipping. Seller 95.8% positive
  4. Pressure relief can be integrated into the Duo chairs including the Intelligent Air integral cushion for those at very high risk or with a Grade IV pressure injury. Alternatively the Duo enables the user to integrate their own pressure relieving cushion into the seat module of the chair or apply it to a flat seat board upon which it can be.

Low air-loss mattresses, which can only be used with a hospital bed, can be an effective intervention in healing a pressure ulcer. Documenting medical necessity for a low air-loss mattress must include the size of the wound and its location on the trunk or pelvis, a documented wound prevention plan, and one of the following scenarios These researchers identified 18 trials of support surfaces for pressure ulcer treatment, involving 1,309 participants with samples sizes that ranged from 14 to 160. Of 3 trials comparing air-fluidized devices with conventional therapy, 2 reported significant reductions in pressure ulcer size associated with air-fluidized devices

We will show the user, family, and caregivers the benefits of high end pressure sore reducing cushions, such as foam, gel, and ROHO air cushions. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that Pressure ulcers cost $9.1-$11.6 billion per year in the US. Cost of individual patient care ranges from $20,900 to 151,700 per pressure. Low Air Loss Tri-Therapy Mattress Replacement System is intended for the prevention and treatment of all stages of pressure ulcers. HD alternating pressure mattress system provides patients a comfortable and therapeutic support surface to both enhance healing and prevent skin breakdown, for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers The Wave Medical alternating pressure mattress was designed to provide relief from bed sores and ulcers caused from prolonged bed rest. Equipped with 130 individually heat sealed air bubbles for even weight disbursement and superior support. Designed to be placed on top of a regular bed mattress or hospital bed. It ha Low-air-loss mattresses - These mattresses inflate at a constant low pressure that adjusts to the patient's weight and position by allowing air to pass through tiny holes. They are suitable for patients at elevated risk or with Grade 3 or 4 pressure ulcers

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  1. Alternating Pressure Mattress Medical Air Mattress with Inflatable Pad & Electric Pump System for Ulcer Bedsore Prevention and Pressure Sore Treatment-Fits Standard Hospital Beds 20.00 Air Inflatable Seat Cushion
  2. ology from pressure ulcer to pressure injury and updates the stages of pressure injury. News release. www.npuap.org. Accessed April 13, 2016. Raetz J, et al. Common questions about pressure ulcers. American Family Physician. 2015;92:888
  3. Combines enhanced comfort with pressure area care. Repose Contur is a pressure redistribution cushion overlay for riser recliner chairs utilising the Repose tried and trusted inflatable air cell and 'smart valve' technologies. Offering pressure area care to the seat, back and leg sections, it secures to the chair easily and safely with straps and thus [
  4. Furthermore, this coccyx cushion relieves lumbar pain, sores, backaches, hemorrhoids, and post-surgery pain. This seat pad offers enough support to your spine. The combination of this seat cushion and lumbar pillow is perfect to use in your car, office, and home. Extra Features: Orthopedic design gel-infused memory foam

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  1. This seat cushion is available on Amazon (see price) This Modular Foam Pressure Cushion is designed to help prevent pressure ulcers, and relieve other pressure related pain experienced by people who sit for long periods. In addition, it has a waterproof, breathable cover, and offers exceptional comfort and stability
  2. Whether you are disabled, have an injury, or you just have to sit for extended periods of time for work or travel, one of these wheelchair cushions will make things a lot easier on your posterior, lower back, and spine. They can also help prevent pressure sores and give existing issues some much-needed relief
  3. As the name suggests, air cushions are filled with air, and by adjusting the air pressure, the cushion's firmness can be adjusted. Air cushions typically offer reduced stability and positioning by comparison to foam and gel cushions, but are exceptional in the area of pressure relief, allowing pressure points to sink into the cushion
  4. Jun 21, 2018 - Explore WORLD OF DISABILITY EQUIPMENT's board WHEELCHAIR CUSHIONS on Pinterest. See more ideas about wheelchair cushions, wheelchair, cushions
  5. Pressure Relief: Our ergonomic motorcycle seat cushion uses a mosaic of small cushions that can be filled with either air or water. The air convection technology produced and anti-gravity effect which offers support for your spine, thigh and hip to achieve the effect of shock absorption and stress relief
  6. Once a decubitus ulcer is healed, a Group 3 Low Air Loss Mattress should be downsized to a lesser product (i.e. gel overlay) for prevention of skin breakdown. Decubitus Pads, Cushions and Mattress Pads, cushions, mattresses, alternating pressure pads, etc., require at least 3 to 4 inches thickness to be effective in the treatment of pressure sores

Air Overlay Mattress for Single Bed Alternating Pressure Pump GILANI ENGINEERING An alternating pressure overlay mattress uses pressure redistribution to stimulate blood flow to nourishes the skin. All pressure reduction products must be monitored to prevent 'bottoming out'

Wheelchair Cushions and Lumbar -Better than Gel, Foam AirInflatable Rubber Hemorrhoid Ulcer Treating PressureConvoluted Foam Heel or Elbow Pads - Mobility Hire & SalesAir Mattress Prevent Pressure Sores | Bruin Blog