Which of the following cohesive device is used to signal relation in time

Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal relation in time? - 10128204 sittieainapangol sittieainapangol 31.01.2021 English Junior High School answered 1. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal relation in time? A.but B.hence C.finally D.likewise 1 See answer edriennejoy2007 edriennejoy2007 The answer is D. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal relation in time? but b. finally c. hence d. likewise 2. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal similarity? a. also b. however c. now d. yet 3. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal difference? a. before b. but c. hence d. likewise 4 Cohesive devices are words or set of words that related the ideas of a sentence to one another. The cohesive devices used to signal relation in time in sentence are: Cohesive devices may also be used to signal similarity, difference, and consequences Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal relation in time? a. but b. finally c. hence d. likewise 2. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal similarity? a. also b. however c. now d. yet 3. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal difference? a. before b. but c. hence d. likewise 4. Which of.

Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal consequences? - 4182097 Alexadeguia04 Alexadeguia04 11.10.2020 English Junior High School answered 4. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal consequences? a, also b. as a result c. equally d. shortly Which if the following cohesive devices is used to signal similarity A.also B.however C.now D.yet 1 See answer gianneabanador0830 is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points. sachin9715 sachin9715 Answer Cohesive devices, sometimes called linking words, linkers, connectors, discourse markers or transitional words. Cohesive Devices are words or phrases that show the relationship between paragraphs or sections of a text or speech. Cohesive devices are words like ' For example ', ' In conclusion ', ' however ' and ' moreover '

1. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to ..


  1. relation between the frequency of cohesive devices, coherence, and writing quality; (c) comparisons between the use of the cohesive devices used by L1 and L2 writers, and between L2 writers of different L1s; and (d) the effect of genre or topic on the types of lexical cohesion used. A wider reading of th
  2. I like autumn, and yet autumn is a sad time of the year, too. The leaves turn bright shades of red and the weather is mild, but I can't help thinking ahead to the winter and the ice storms that will surely blow through here.In addition, that will be the season of chapped faces, too many layers of clothes to put on, and days when I'll have to shovel heaps of snow from my car's windshield
  3. We use cohesive devices to link sentences, paragraphs or any pieces of text. In other words, cohesive devices make our content coherent. Overusing cohesive devices or not using them enough might affect the reader negatively. Also see: Connectives List Conjunctions Conjunctions Exercises Conjunctions Multiple Choice Test
  4. Connor (1984) defined cohesion as the use of explicit cohesive devices that signal relations among sentences and parts of a text. This means that the appropriate use of cohesive devices enables readers and listeners to capture the connectedness between what precedes and what follows
  5. In writing, cohesion is the use of repetition, transitional expressions, and other devices called cohesive cues to guide readers and show how the parts of composition relate to one another
  6. Drawing on Relevance Theory (Sperber and Wilson, 1986; Blakemore, 1987, 1992) and taking insights from Sinclair's (1993) model of written text structure, the purpose of this paper is to show how and which cohesive features play an important rol
  7. become a unified whole by the use of appropriate cohesive devices. Cohesion and coherence is one of the conjunct is a linguistic expression that is used to signal the relation of a sentence to the intermediate context with the Conjuncts are realized by the following syntactic forms: single adverbs (e.g., anyway, however, nevertheless.

Transition signals are used to signal relationships between ideas in your writing. For example, the transition signal 'for example' is used to give examples, while the word 'while' is used to show a contrast. In addition, there are phrases like 'in addition' for adding new ideas. Likewise there are words such as 'likewise' to connect similar ideas Nga (2012) investigated cohesive devices in accounting reading texts and found that lexical cohesion was the highest frequently used device (65.77 %), followed by reference and conjunctions. The SF-MDA findings in this study also showed that the lexical cohesive devices were higher in the tables than in the orthographic texts (98.05% and 72.54%. (1976) taxonomy of cohesive devices and their framework for analysis were used. Pertaining to conjunctions as cohesive devices, the findings spelled out that the students were inclined to overuse and misuse a variety of additives and, also, besides, in addition, moreover, furthermore and temporals first, first of all, secondly Over-used, beginning a sentence with a conjunction can be distracting, but the device can add a refreshing dash to a sentence and speed the narrative flow of your text. Restrictions against beginning a sentence with and or but are based on shaky grammatical foundations; some of the most influential writers in the language have been happily. This qualitative study examined multimodal cohesive devices in English oral biology texts by eight high-achieving Saudi English-as-a-foreign-language students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science Dent..

Answers: 3 on a question: 1. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to signal relation in time? A. butB. henceC. finallyD. likewis Examples of Cohesive Devices. Cohesive devices include the use of repetition, synonyms, pronouns, sentence patterns and transitional words. Repetition keeps the reader focused on the highlighted topics and makes it easy to follow complex ideas in written works that involve deep understanding Apart from the reality that little has been done to find out the use of cohesive devices by ESL/EFL writers of different proficiency levels, a stronger reason underlying the execution of this experiment is the necessity to account for ESL/EFL learners' developmental success or failure, as proved by a number of second language acquisition (SLA. Since cohesive markers are important for the understanding of oral and written texts, all speakers make extensive use of them, for example in order to enhance coherence, but also for reasons of economy (e.g. saving time and alleviating conceptual work load by using anaphoric devices like generalisations and pro-forms)

unveiled that the type of cohesion devices which was majorly used was addition, as there are 94% of the additive device usage. Then, 75% refers to the use of cohesive devices as comparison, 56% as consequential, and 40% as temporal device. In can be concluded that the students use more addition in writing Which of the following device is used to regenerate the signal, so that increases the signal's strength and it can be transmitted and received over a greater distance without a loss in quality? Not highly cohesive but loosely coupled Not highly cohesive but tightly couple It can be found from the students' recount texts, the cohesive device that is the most frequently used is personal reference. It occurs 437 times or 58.11 %. The second occurrence is repetition with 167 times or 22.21 %. The third is temporal conjunction with 56 occurrences or 7.45 %. Then, adversative conjunction occurs 10 times or 1.33 % not guaranteed by the presence of cohesive ties. (Coulthard 1994:174) In my opinion, it is necessary to research cohesion and coherence together because they signal how the text is connected together and how it conveys its message (see also e. g., Hoffmannová 1983). One way to pursue and verify the level of coherence of th

1. TEXT The word 'text' is used in linguistics to refer to any passage, spoken or written, of whatever length that does form a unified whole. According to Widdowson (1979), a text is a collection of formal objects held together by patterns of equivalence or frequencies or by cohesive devices. A text may be prose or verse, dialogue or. The word 'text' is exploited in linguistics to refer to any passage, spoken or written, of whatever length, that does construct a unified whole. According to Widdowson (1979), a text is a collection of formal objects held together by patterns of equivalence or frequencies or by cohesive devices

Cohesion is the grammatical and lexical linking within a text or sentence that holds a text together and gives it meaning. It is related to the broader concept of coherence.. There are two main types of cohesion: grammatical cohesion: based on structural content; lexical cohesion: based on lexical content and background knowledge.; A cohesive text is created in many different ways Digital circuit can be made by repetitive use of this gate (a) AND (b) OR (c) NOT (d) NAND. Question 54. In a CE transistor amplifier, the audio signal voltage across the collector resistance of 2 kΩ is 2 V. If the base resistance is 1kΩ and the current amplification of the transistor is 100, the input signal voltage is (a) 0.1V (b) 1.0 V (c. provided by cohesive relation that exists between cohesive items. Cohesion distinguishes texts from non-texts and enables readers or listeners to establish relevance between what was said, is being said, and will be said, through the appropriate use of the necessary lexical and grammatical cohesive devices To understand better its logic flow, the tool of cohesive devices raised by Halliday and Hasan under the framework of Systemic Functional Grammar might be of great use. They suggest that cohesion is a semantic concept and it conveys relations of meaning that exist within the text (Halliday & Hasan, 1976). According t


  1. Understand how texts are kept cohesive through the use of linking devices such as connectives and transitions. There are a wide variety of 'signal words' and the following represent just a few of the most common, as well as where they are most likely to occur. Once upon a time / Once there was In the beginning First of all
  2. Let's look at types of cohesive devices. Linking words. Academic writing usually deals with complex ideas. To enable the reader to follow your thoughts, they need to be clearly and smoothly linked. To join ideas and sentences, we use a number of connecting words and phrases. For example: and - to add information; however - to show contras
  3. The most grammatical cohesive device that was used in the students' articles is conjunction while there is less use of substitution than usual. Also, the students did not use ellipsis any more since this grammatical device often disappears in written discourse. However, repetition is the most lexical cohesive device that was used in the articles
  4. In relation to the number and the percentage of grammatical and lexical cohesive devices, the following results are tentatively observed and presented in The frequency of cohesive relations in student's essays is 229 representing the total number of the cohesive devices that are used by the third-year college students in the essays
  5. First, conjunctive ties (e.g., and, now) were the most frequently employed cohesive devices in CLIL learners' writing, whereas the same cohesive devices were rarely used by their EFL-only peers. In addition, other types of cohesive devices, such as reference and lexical cohesion, were used by CLIL learners more frequently than by their EFL-only.
  6. In the cohesive devices research tradition, the approach has been to count the cohesive devices in a text and to use the sum as a measure of how cohesive that text is. In example (1), there are 3 cohesive devices in 12 words (25%), so one might say this is a fairly cohesive, albeit short, stretch of discourse
  7. tradition. In text 9, the communicator has employed cohesive devices and this makes the input worth processing to the audience. From these examples, it can be understood, then, that use of cohesive devices in texts facilitates the perception of relevance of the texts to the intended audience. According to Wilson and Sperber (2006), the and and

In signal processing, group delay is the time delay of the amplitude envelopes of the various sinusoidal components of a signal through a device under test, and is a function of frequency for each component. Phase delay, in contrast, is the time delay of the phase as opposed to the time delay of the amplitude envelope.. All frequency components of a signal are delayed when passed through a. 10 Besides the different kinds of meanings used to evaluate, when analyzing evaluative meaning, one is also interested in differences related to the entities that are involved in an evaluative act. By entities we relate, first of all, to the participants in the discourse, i.e. writer and reader. Moreover, we also consider the entity or process that the writer evaluates, i.e. the target of the. phrases when they have the complementarity relation. Negation [T:46 S:25] is used when one speaker directly contradicts the previous speaker. In choosing this tag set, we selected cohesive devices from Halliday and Hasan (H&H) [9] which could identify common reference between tutor and student, and which seemed to be present in our corpus Definitions: Coherence: The ways a text makes sense to readers & writer through the relevance and accessibility of its configuration of concepts, ideas and theories. Cohesion: The grammatical and lexical relationship between different elements of a text which hold it together. 5. Coherence : a semantic property of discourse formed through the.

4. Which of the following cohesive devices is used to ..

  1. Conjunctions signal logical relations in a text and help the reader to connect different units and paragraphs to make sense of the text (Heino, 2010), and as such, they are some of the most important cohesive devices. However, no correlation has been found between the use of cohesive ties and coherence in writing development (Granger & Tyson.
  2. The article is organized as follows. Section 2 presents the relevant background about diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia and language skills in schizophrenia. Literature review is presented in Section 3 along the following issues: thematic structures (3.1), cohesive devices (3.2), topic and field (3.3), and derailment and incoherence (3.4). Data and method are presented in Section 4.
  3. The use of cohesive devices is partly influenced by cooperative principle postulated by Grice (1975). Based on this consideration, cohesion, reference, demonstrative, cooperative principle will be presented and clarified in this section. 2.1 Cohesion According to Halliday and Hasan, whether a set of sentences constitutes a text or not depends.
  4. At the same time however, since the essential principle inhering in such a substance is one of 'cohesive resonance' between its constituent components, effectively components of 'cohesive force', its dynamics are readily perceptible at every turn, and similarly amenable to understanding
  5. The signal to noise ratio (SNR) was calculated by measuring the well with no fluorophore concentration as a mean background value (S B), mean fluorescence intensity (S I), and standard deviation of the background well (σ(S B)). The SNR was then calculated using the following relation 11

In the following paragraphs, the study will consider the importance demographics play in understanding the need-based programs. Using Transition Words If you want a quick reference guide for using transition words in sentences, paragraphs and papers, this infographic is the perfect tool Deployment diagrams are used to −. model devices in embedded systems that typically comprise of software-intensive collection of hardware. represent the topologies of client/server systems. model fully distributed systems. Example. The following figure shows the topology of a computer system that follows client/server architecture

dependent on cellular signal coverage. Satellite - Similar to the cellular phone platform, but utilizing satellites instead of ground-based cellular towers. Wi-Fi - A technology increasing in popularity that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly (using radio waves) over a computer network, including high-speed interne lienee, the travelling time in the length of the impulse rod. Consequontly, the wave velocities may be calculated using the following relation. where, V = wave velocity, L = distance between the impulse hole and receiving hole, t = total travel time as recorded from the oscilloscope, 1 = lengh of the impulse rod, K = calibratio improved The first image of the film is a clock, which fills the entire screen. Another version of the clock is the time clock, which is prominent later, and is used to record carefully the workers' time. Even the speed of the assembly line is related to the time of day, everything stopping no matter what when the factory whistle blows Adverbial Use Following Halliday and Hasan's (1976) work, a number of studies were done in the 1980s examining the use of cohesive devices in learner writing. These initial studies were inconclusive, but they were done without the benefit of computers capable of processing large amounts of text and so had extremely small sample sizes

which if the following cohesive devices is used to signal

Edge STPs (signal transfer points) are networking hardware devices embedded with software that performs routing, signaling, firewall, and packet conversion functions. To unify networks that use various transports and signaling protocols - such as SS7, SIP, SIGTRAN, TDM, IP, etc. - into cohesive service environments. Wikipedi lexical density and lexical diversity are both very low, which means that a limited number of words are used, rare words are avoided and many of the words are repeated again and again; cohesive devices are limited to very simple conjunctions like and and but, with only occasional use of conjuncts Case Western Reserve University Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing NURS 120: Introduction to Nursing Informatics Final Examination Directions: This is a comprehensive final examination covering material from lectures readings web sites handouts and class notes. It is open-book open-note. You may work in groups if you wish. The only rule everyones name must be on the exam

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2 Realize that you must answer all questions in relation to what's safe for the patient Realize that preventing the spread of disease is top priority CADIOVASCULAR Realize the following in regards to a plasma cholesterol screening measures the amount of cholesterol that one has: x Realize that only sips of water are permitted for 12 hours before plasma cholesterol screening to achieve. The teacher feels less stressed and more relaxed as learners are active most of the time; 3. Physical objects used by the teacher in this method can facilitate learning by helping learners to internalise the target language and easily recall the linguistic input. Some disadvantages of the method include: 1 A phase-separation device and method of use is provided for separating immiscible liquids. The phase-separation device has a porous membrane with a filter surface having a non-planar contour that forms a receiving cavity to receive a liquid mixture. The filter surface is configured to impede flow of a polar liquid into the porous membrane and.

It is suggested that their use is restricted to the following. Attention is the active or passive focusing of consciousness on an experience such as sensory inputs, motor programmes, memories or internal representations. It can be de ned as the process that enhances some information and inhibits others, thereby allowing us to select some. The Video Games Textbook: History - Business - Technology 9780815390893, 9780815390916, 0815390890. The Video Games Textbooktakes the history of video games to another level, with visually-stimulating, comprehensive, an In this paper, we investigate the signalling of coherence relations when they are simultaneously indicated by more than one signal. In particular, we examine the co-occurrence of discourse markers and other relational signals when they are used together to mark a single relation. With the goal to identify the source of the usage of multiple signals, we postulate a two-fold hypothesis: the co. • Cohesive devices and other text connectives within and between sentences signal relationships between ideas, including cause-and-effect and comparison and contrast e.g. Don Bradman was a star cricketer and, as a result, he became an Australian icon. — as a result is the cohesive device showing the relationship between the two ideas (subject-copula-adjective) which is a strong signal for Contrast relation. Second, the relation is also signalled by the antonymy relationship between the words tall and short in the respective sentences. In order to test this hypothesis, we examine what signals are used to convey coherence relations and how they are used

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cohesion as a textual signal to coherence in fictive narrative text such as short story. It is because cohesion shows relation from one word to another word in order to make the text cohesive. This argument is strengthened by Alden J. Moe who states that the more implicit the cohesive relationship is, the mor Spatial coherence. In some systems, such as water waves or optics, wave-like states can extend over one or two dimensions. Spatial coherence describes the ability for two points in space, x 1 and x 2, in the extent of a wave to interfere, when averaged over time.More precisely, the spatial coherence is the cross-correlation between two points in a wave for all times cohesive morphology device. Lexical chains and lexical repetitions which relate to derivational, semantics, and content schemata, are a part of cohesion and also coherence. Finally, the conventions related to the use of parallel structure (also an aspect of both cohesion and coherence) make it easier for listeners/readers to proces Cohesion is an indication of how related and focused the responsibilities of an software element are.. Coupling refers to how strongly a software element is connected to other elements.. The software element could be class, package, component, subsystem or a system. And while designing the systems it is recommended to have software elements that have High cohesion and support Low coupling


Which of the following methods could be used to control a loose hoseline? p.871 A.Apply body weight to hose B.Add a gated wye to the line C.Close the nozzle as quickly as possible D.Apply a hose clamp at a stationary point in the hoselin Visualizing it helps. Imagine the attributes of a class and the methods. If your class is cohesive, it means the methods are going to use many of the attributes, and conversely, the attributes will be used by many of the methods. This is the sticking together notion of cohesion. I like the following visualization that comes from NDepend's. This voltage gain A d of the differential amplifier is the same as the inverting amplifier.. The differential amplifier can be operated in three different modes. Single-Ended mode- When the input signal is applied to only one of two input terminals, either of the two input terminals of the two inputs is 0.So in this mode, the differential amplifier will work as either as an inverting.

If you are using another device to read these sensors, obtain a reading in K ohms. Then apply either of the following polynomial coefficients to obtain degrees C: Solution A: For a range of -10 to +30 C. Ax2 + Bx + C, where x is the reading in K ohms, and: A = -23.508334394 B = 227.625006633 C = -341.217356436. Solution B: For a range of -50 to. Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) is an electronic integrated circuit used to convert the analog signals such as voltages to digital or binary form consisting of 1s and 0s. Most of the ADCs take a voltage input as 0 to 10V, -5V to +5V, etc., and correspondingly produces digital output as some sort of a binary number To add more specificity, the signal word because can be used. To change the relationship between the sentences, other transition words can be used. Transitions (or signal words) are words and phrases that show the connection between ideas. To show how transitions guide us, here are the same two ideas, but this time with a transition word cohesive relationships involve information structuring: that is, the means by which new information in a text is related to old information. Cohesive relationships are linear in structure rather than hierarchical, since they cumulatively show how one element in the text is interpreted in relation to a prior element. The staging relationships. Logically cohesive A module that performs tasks that are related logically (e.g., a module that produces all output regardless of type) is logically cohesive. Temporal cohesion When a module contains tasks that are related by the fact that all must be executed with the same span of time, the module exhibits temporal cohesio

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interpreter's use of cohesive devices might change with experience and enhanced fluency in ASL. With that context in mind, this study was designed to address the following research questions: 1) What differences in cohesion can be found in the target texts of novice and expert interpreters working simultaneously from their In writing, cohesion is the use of repetition, transitional expressions, and other devices called cohesive cues to guide readers and show how the parts of composition relate to one another. Peter Clark makes this distinction between coherence and cohesion in a text: when the big parts fit, we call that good feeling coherence; when sentences.

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To achieve cohesion and coherence, a writer has to use the so-called cohesive devices. Cohesive devices are the means by which parts of a text are linked as logically related sequences. They signal the relationship between ideas in such a way that the writer's intentions are made clear A great way to overcome mud is to send some signal from a stereo guitar recording to a mono reverb. If your reverb doesn't have a mono option, you can use a utility device to perform this processing instead. By positioning the reverb in the center of your stereo image, you allow the clarity of the dry signal to shine through on the sides

An Analysis of the Use of Lexical Cohesive Devices

Sotirova (2004), using the works of D.H. Lawrence, has argued that SIA, as well as other connectives, are used by Lawrence to signal perspectival shifts in free indirect style (227). Huttar (2002) has examined the use of both discourse-initial and (DIA) and SIA in poetry 6. Use cohesive devices in written devices in written discourse 7. Use rhetorical forms and conventions of written discourse 8. Appropriately accomplish the communicative function of written texts according to form and purposes 9. Convey links and connections between events and communicate such relation as main idea, supporting idea, new. 2.6 An input signal of unit amplitude is applied repeatedly to a synaptic connection whose initial value is also unity. Calculate the variation in the synaptic weight with time using the following two rules: (a) The simple form of Hebb's rule.. MR Imaging of the augmented breast. It is beneficial for the radiologist to know both common and uncommon imaging signs suggestive of implant rupture, the composition of the implants being imaged, surgical approach used (axillary, subareolar, inframammary, umbilical), history of prior breast implants, and time since placement or revision Discourse markers are cohesive devices that act as connectives and explicitly signal the structure of a piece of discourse. They are used by the speaker to indicate how zvhat is being said is related to what has already been said. They can be divided into micro markers (e.g. Now, Well, OK), and macro markers (e.g

Cohesive Device

This seems to suggest that the students had a tendency to depend heavily on specific category or categories of cohesive devices. They were inclined to use a vast number of one or two categories of cohesive ties in compensation for the other categories of ties that they used sparsely. 5.2 Further Discussion: Limitations and Possibilitie in a text known as cohesion. However, as Brown and Yule (1993) point out, a cohesive text is not necessarily coherent, nor does a coherent text necessarily make use of cohesive devices; rather, coherence resides at the level of the pragmatic intentions of the speaker or writer, as example (2) illustrates Type and timing of major bleeding events is in Table 15 Appendix A. The FDA noted PREVAIL was not analyzed by bleeding scales typically used in other major clinical trials. There did not appear to be a signal of a reduction in total bleeding events or in events over time in the device group as compared to control

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ated by cohesive devices and it is achieved by constructing sen-tences properly by cohesive ties (Halliday and Hasan, 1976). On the other hand, coherence is the semantic relations that allow a text to be understood and used and it is based on writer's purpose, the audience's knowledge and expectation (Witte and Faigley, 1981: 202) Turbulence can be quantified statistically. The velocity most often used is the time-averaged velocity. The strength of turbulence is characterized by the root mean square (RMS) of the instantaneous variation in velocity about this mean. Turbulence causes the fluid to transfer momentum, heat, and mass very rapidly across the flow

Carefully review the following safety limitations and precautions before placing this device in service.Incorrect use can cause death or serious personal injury. • Check function (see chapter 4.8 Function Test s on the Device) each day before use. MSA recommends carrying out a routine inspection prior to each day's use Half-life (symbol t 1⁄2) is the time required for a quantity to reduce to half of its initial value.The term is commonly used in nuclear physics to describe how quickly unstable atoms undergo radioactive decay or how long stable atoms survive. The term is also used more generally to characterize any type of exponential or non-exponential decay. For example, the medical sciences refer to the. It will include projects which will require the use of software such as MATLAB, Simulink, or LabVIEW for analysis and design of control systems. Recommended Background: Ordinary Differential Equations (MA 2051), Sensors, Circuits, and Systems (ECE 2019), and Continuous-time Signal and System Analysis (ECE 2311) Cohesive devices are words used to show how the different parts of a text fit together. In other words, they create cohesion. Some examples of cohesive devices are: determiners and pronouns, which can refer back to earlier words; conjunctions and adverbs, which can make relations between words clear; ellipsis of expected words Use barriers to help keep tools and equipment at a safe distance from the edge of the excavation. Use ropes or other lowering devices to transport the tools or equipment into the excavation. Powered Mobile Equipment. Workers may be exposed to hazards when powered mobile equipment is used near an excavation site

The tester is simple to use and sample trimming is eliminated. All that is required is a reasonably flat surface 25 mm in diameter. Select fresh clod or block of undisturbed soil from spoil pile . Cut a . smooth surface . on the clod. Insert vanes of device into the soil. Retract vanes to show . foot imprint . Set indicator at zer Signal processing, data fusion, and deep learning in sensor systems; a cohesive explanation of the scan rate of cyclic voltammetry is discussed. The information of this paper can contribute to enriching the knowledge of electrochemical sensor models for scientists and is also able to guide the electronic engineer on designing next. The proposed framework in this study in order to prepare the sample and the unconfined compression device used in this study is shown in Fig. 2. First, to prepare the soil samples, soil and water were weighed with an accuracy of 0.1 g based on dry unit weight (1.387 kg/m 3 ) and different percentages of water (14%, 25%, 31%, and 36%) Ultrasonic measurements are used in civil engineering for structural health monitoring of concrete infrastructures. The late portion of the ultrasonic wavefield, the coda, is sensitive to small changes in the elastic moduli of the material. Coda Wave Interferometry (CWI) correlates these small changes in the coda with the wavefield recorded in intact, or unperturbed, concrete specimen to. MDOT Road Terms and Definitions. Aggregate - A substance composed of mineral crystals or mineral rock fragments, used in pavement.. Alligator Cracking (or fatigue cracking) - Cracks in an asphalt pavement surface forming a pattern that resembles an alligator's hide or chicken wire.Alligator cracking may begin with a single longitudinal crack in the wheel path Return tracks allow you to use an effect on multiple tracks - for example, the same reverb sound on drums, piano and FX. This saves CPU power and helps to achieve a more cohesive sound in your mixes. You should use an effect on 100% on a return, otherwise sending tracks there will also increase the volume of the dry signal

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