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Find Concrete Driveway Cost Now at Getsearchinfo.com! Search for Concrete Driveway Cost on the New Getsearchinfo.co Level Your Sinking, Settling Concrete with PolyLevel®. Call Us for a Free Quote Concrete Driveway Cost Per Square Foot A simple concrete driveway ranges between $4 and $7 per square foot. That includes about $3 to $4 per square foot of materials and $2 to $3 per square foot of labor. A strong mix with 5,000 or more pounds per inch strength leaves you at the high end of that range Concrete driveway cost per square foot A plain gray concrete driveway costs $4 to $8 per square foot. Adding a stain, basic border, and broom-finish texture increases the price to $8 to $12 per square foot. A stamped concrete driveway with multiple patterns, colors, decorative borders, and sealing costs $12 to $18 per square foot

Your standard driveway is normally a minimum of 4 inches in thickness with a reinforced wire mesh. Which cost on average.30 - $.80 per square for materials and installation. Colored concrete will cost you an extra.75 - $1.25 per square added to a basic concrete mix A standard concrete driveway typically costs $4,000 to $8,500 while a colored or stamped drive can cost significantly more. Several factors influence how much new concrete work will cost. How Many Cubic Yards Are Needed? To calculate the amount a concrete driveway will cost, you'll need to know how much concrete you need

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Installing a concrete driveway will cost you, on average, around $4,000. However, some homeowners pay as little as $3,200 — or as much as $5,250 to $15,000 Concrete driveway cost per square feet The average cost to install a concrete driveway is $11.50 per square foot, with a range between $8 and $15 per square foot. The following table shows the average cost to install a concrete driveway per square foot A concrete driveway costs from $8 to $18 per square foot, depending on decorative colors and finishes.While a plain gray concrete driveway costs between $5 and $7 per square foot to install. Concrete is ideal for getting the look of stone or pavers, without the high cost For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Install a Concrete Driveway starts at $7.78 - $9.53 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1 A standard, plain gray driveway comes to mind most often when the phrase concrete driveway is mentioned. It's the most economical choice for concrete driveway costs, with an average of $4 to $7..

Cost to build a driveway by type The cost to build a driveway ranges from $600 to $18,000, depending on the material. The cheapest driveways cost $1 to $3 per square foot for gravel, while standard concrete and asphalt driveways cost $3 to $8 per square foot. Cost to build a driveway by material type - char The cost of a concrete replacement driveway or other concrete paving project depends on a number of factors, some of which can't be determined without a visit to the property and assessment of what is needed to do the job right. While some driveway paving companies may give you a price quote over the phone, later, when you get the final bill. Heating a driveway costs $12 to $25 per square foot, including installation of asphalt or concrete on top. How much does it cost to repair a driveway? The cost to repair a driveway ranges from $850 to $2,600. The price depends on material and the square feet of damaged area

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  1. Concrete Slab Driveway Cost. A basic concrete slab driveway costs $4 to $8 per square foot, with more advanced designs, patterns and colors ranging from $8 to $18 per square foot. You can dress up your driveway slab with engraving, a textured finish, exposed aggregate, a stencil design, or it can be scored and stained
  2. Concrete driveways costs slightly more than asphalt per square foot — $9.00 versus $8.50 — but it's a favorite because it's durable, attractive and relatively low-maintenance. Estimates for labor and materials average $3900-$6000 for a 240-square foot area
  3. The average cost to fix a concrete driveway ranges between $500-$1,100, with the average homeowner spending $800 to resurface a 250 square foot area, including labor and materials
  4. Average Cost. Concrete. Concrete is the most durable, but cracks in freezing temperatures and cracks may cost $300+ to repair. 40-50 years. $5 - $6 per sq. ft. Asphalt. Asphalt softens in extreme heat, but repairs are easy. 20 years. $3 - $4 per sq. ft
  5. A concrete driveway with a single decorative element -- pigmented color, textured finish, a basic border -- can cost $6-$12 a square foot, or $1,800-$3,600 for 12'x25' or $5,760-$11,520 for 24'x40'. A CostHelper reader in Virginia paid $10,255 for 903 square feet with a broom finish, or $11.36 per square foot
  6. How much does a concrete driveway cost? The cost of a concrete drive will be between $4 to $15 per square foot, and this cost will depend on the length of the driveway, type of concrete, the complexity of the setup/foundation, the geographical location, and the contractor you're using

Concrete walls can also easily last for a lot longer than 50 years so you won't have to pay out for a very long time after your initial installation. This makes our concrete walls a cost effective choice for walls in your home. Concrete Repair One of the many great benefits to concrete is how cheap and easy it is to repair Concrete is considered less expensive than interlocking stone. The price of the concrete landscaping project is calculated based on a few factors. Since concrete is priced by square footage, the shape and size of the area will increase/decrease the cost. The average price of concrete ranges from $10 - $16 per square foot

The average installation cost of a new concrete driveway is $7.65 per square foot, or $5,355 for a residential driveway that is 40 feet long and 16 feet wide, with a small parking pad at the area closest to your home or garage. When removal of old concrete or significant excavation is required, the cost will be higher What Is the Average Cost Per square foot for Nashville Concrete Driveway Installation? Average costs in Nashville to install concrete driveways in 2021 are between $3.89 and $4.40 per square foot. Depending on the size of the project, you would need to multiply that number by the amount of square foot needed The size of a typical driveway in the UK ranges from about 5.5m2 for a 1 car space up to 21m2 for a good-sized 2 car space. The average cost of a laying a concrete driveway lies somewhere around £50/m2 with labour costing between £200 and £450 per day depending on the complexity of the work How Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost? Whatever your budget, it's likely decorative concrete can be a part of your plan. Use the table below to weigh various options for decorative concrete that will fit in your budget. Note that costs shown will vary depending on the size of your project, and the cost for materials and labor in your local area Concrete driveways are durable with a longer lifespan than asphalt driveways. They have endless options for customization to provide stunning looks and require little maintenance beyond periodic resealing. While initially more expensive, the lower maintenance costs and longer lifespan reduces the overall cost

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The cost of a gravel driveway is the cheapest at Concrete driveways cost on average and asphalt costs How long does asphalt and concrete Asphalt lasts 20-25 years while concrete lasts 30-40 years. How do brick and stone pavers compare to. The Most Popular Paved Driveway Types and Prices are intended to be used as a guide only The cost of concrete driveway can range from $1,530 to $10,530 depending on the size of your site, type of finish and preparation work. On 18m2 plain concrete driveways, the price can be around $1,530 to $3,510 including materials and labour Concrete driveway cost at a glance - A plain concrete driveway costs $65 to $85 per square metre on average. - A sloping surface costs around $10 more per square metre than a flat surface. - Coloured concrete costs $75 to $95 per square metre

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Concrete Driveway Cost per Square Foot . Concrete driveways have a wide range of costs, from $4 for paving over gravel to $20 a square foot for complex patterns, with most falling between $8 and $12 a square foot for a new driveway. This is because there are many styles, colors, and finishes for concrete A concrete driveway with several decorative elements can cost $12-$18 a square foot, or $3,600-$5,400 for 12'x25' or $11,500-$17,500 for 24'x40'. A CostHelper reader in California received a quote of $15,750 for a 1,187-square-foot stamped concrete driveway, or $13.27 per square foot The average cost is between $2000 - $7000 for driveways between 300 and 900 square feet. That's just for the concrete driveway and doesn't include sub-base prep, existing driveway removal, drainage installation, and landscaping. These things can add between $1500 - $5000 to the cost of an average size concrete driveway

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The costs breakdown for a 12' by 40' concrete driveway like the one we did above are below: Remove existing driveway and gravel prep - Labor 600.00 - Materials $600.00. Total cost of the concrete driveway: $4700.00. Deduct labor costs if you do it yourself: $4700 - $2850 = $1850.00 diy concrete driveway cost Concrete Driveway Paving Cost. Concrete driveways costs slightly more than asphalt per square foot — $9.00 versus $8.50 — but it's a favorite because it's durable, attractive and relatively low-maintenance. Estimates for labor and materials average $3900-$6000 for a 240-square foot area

Concrete is a popular, durable and relatively low-maintenance choice for paving a driveway. A plain concrete driveway can cost $3-$10 or more a square foot, or $900-$3,000 for 12'x25' or $2,900-$9,600 for 24'x40', while a customized concrete driveway with multiple decorative elements can cost $15-$25 or more a square foot, or $4,500-$7,500 for. The size of the driveway will also determine the total cost of the project since more materials will be used. On average, plan on spending anywhere between $5 to $20 per square foot to widen a driveway with concrete. To widen a driveway with bricks or stamped concrete, the price could be as high as $150 per square foot If you are using a penetrating concrete sealer the cost ranges anywhere from $0.20 to $0.75 a square foot. So how much does it cost to seal a concrete driveway? If you hire a contractor the cost is about $1.20 -$1.75 a square foot. If you decide to seal the concrete yourself the cost is about $0.20-$0.75 a square foot Place concrete at a minimum thickness of 4 inches. Increasing the thickness from 4 inches to 5 inches will add approximately 20% to your concrete cost, but will also boost your driveway's load-carrying capacity nearly 50% , according to the Tennessee Concrete Association. Also consider thickening the edges of the driveway by 1 or 2 inches to. 1. Cost vs. Long-Term Investment. Think about how much you're willing to spend on installing a new driveway before you start looking. The upfront cost of asphalt and concrete will vary, but in general, you'll only have to pay a few thousand dollars to install your driveway

The fact of the matter is asphalt is lower cost than concrete. With asphalt, prices start around $3 per square foot. The maximum is usually around $6 per square foot. A concrete driveway tends to be much more of an investment. Prices for concrete are higher, usually running around $7 per square foot. For some customized types of concrete, you. Concrete is a common material choice for an exterior driveway and parking apron. The cost to install average concrete driveway depends upon material and finish grade, surface area and material volume, preparation and special needs, and the labor rate

Sealing a concrete driveway costs around $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot with an average cost of $60 to $100 for a 250 square foot driveway. Patch a Concrete Driveway Patching can usually be done for minor repairs such as hairline cracks or small, pitted areas Asphalt driveways have a lower up-front cost to be sure, but a concrete driveway will last the average homeowner 50 to 60 percent longer. Asphalt is more susceptible to the power of the sun. It breaks down and changes color over time and will need resealed on a regular basis. Even with resealing, a concrete driveway is likely to last longer For example, concrete driveways can damage underlying surfaces in wet climates as it expands and contracts with temperature changes. While asphalt may cost more initially; because they don't crack or chip like concrete does, once installed it will save money in future repair bills after years of use A basic concrete driveway installed over a gravel base by a professional crew will cost $4 to $10 per square foot. The national average is about $6 per square foot, making the cost of a 16 x 38 driveway about $3900. These costs can nearly double, however, if you decide to go with a colored or stamped finish A standard concrete driveway costs $1,080-$3,600. A stamped or colored asphalt driveway ranges from $1,080-$3,200. A stamped or colored concrete driveway ranges from $5,400 to 9,000. Longevity. A concrete driveway can last for 30 years, while an asphalt drive is expected to last for 20 years. Asphalt Driveway Cost FAQ

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Concrete driveways are some of the best around since this material is hard, durable, and decorative. Before anything else, however, you need to know how much these projects will cost. The points below will help you out when you're looking to install a concrete driveway that will work for your household In the U.S., a plain gray concrete driveway usually costs around $3-7 per square foot (0.09 square meters). If you want a decorative driveway, the cost goes up to around $8-18 per square foot. Thanks On the other hand, the cost of resurfacing a concrete driveway is considerably less, with the national average being between $1,200 to $1,800 for a 600 square foot driveway. To resurface a concrete driveway, it is first cleaned and washed. All cracks and holes are filled using a patching compound before priming the surface Stamped concrete is a cost-effective way to beautify driveways, patios, pool decks, and other potential landscaping areas. It is made with a mixture of aggregate, cement, and water, and is a process in which fresh concrete is imprinted with flexible mats that easily transfer the desired pattern and/or texture

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Driveways are typically not something homeowners think about until they are in need of repair, but your drive is the first thing any visitor sees when coming to your home and it can be upgraded at any time for a reasonable cost. From a standard concrete driveway, to an elaborate decorative design, Shamrock Concrete can get the job done Yoder Laser Concrete specializes large residential and commercial concrete jobs with a minimum job of $18,000. For example: driveways, stamped concrete patios and parking lots. With over 15 years of Concrete experience we have provided services to companies such as Walmarts, Sam's Clubs, Wayne Dalton Door Cost: $5.15 to $9.15 per square foot using 4 inches of concrete. Cost: $6.10 to $10.25 per square foot using 6 inches of concrete. Concrete driveway removal & replacement with concrete: Break up and removal of the existing driveway. Grading the path. Installation of a subgrade layer of sand if needed

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The cost increased if you included details such as borders, steps, aprons etc. Concrete. Concrete - A very hard wearing material; a maintenance free and long lasting driveway option. Once a concrete job is done it's done for life. The cost of paving a driveway with concrete will be between €60 and €90 per square metre Concrete Driveway Installation $3.44 - $6.88 per square foot Estimate takes into account the cost of concrete driveway installation. Price does include grading, concrete and rebar. Excludes tree removal, permits, staining and coloring. Reported by: ProMatcher Research Team: 85282, Tempe, Arizona - July 30, 2018 Concrete Driveway Installatio Concrete Driveway Cost. Everyone would have a concrete driveway if it was cheap, right. But, the cost isn't extremely high. A concrete driveway can run anywhere between $5-$10 dollars per square foot, $6 dollars being the average. Of course, the total amount spent on your driveway will depend on its size #concretecostperyard #howmuchdoesconcretecostIn this video I'm sharing with you what concrete cost per yard.Specifically, I'll tell you what I pay for 4 diff.. If you're looking to install or replace a concrete driveway, the cost per square foot typically falls between $4 and $15. Materials make up only a small fraction of the price tag, with concrete itself costing as little as $1 per square foot for a basic driveway. The rest of it consists of labor, tools, permits, and other ancillary elements of.

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Concrete Driveway Cost Guide for Repair or Replacement. Guide to Cement and Concrete Driveway Costs for both New and Replacement Driveways. Detailed guide also covers Estimates Concrete Driveway Repair Costs. The Calculator takes Important Factors Like the 2013-14 Cement Prices, Fuel, Labor and Gravel, Which can Effect the Cost of a Cement. As our numbers show in 2021 average cost that homeowners paid for handyman in Durham county is between $90.00 and $903.00. This Driveway Grading Durham Quote Includes: Average labor costs to hire a handyman in Durham, North Carolina. Average costs for materials and equipment for driveway grading in Durham

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Since the driveway typically takes up a lot of the front yard, a clean one adds considerably to the home's curb appeal. Gravel. What if you have a really large driveway to cover? For example, a long winding driveway up to a stately rural home. An even more affordable option is gravel. Gravel typically cost between $0.75 and $3 per square foot Driveways may be made of concrete, gravel, or asphalt. Whether creating one as a do-it-yourself project or allowing a contractor to do the work, gravel is typically the most cost-saving. Before beginning the project, take into account the cost of the supplies which will be necessary to complete the work Concrete driveways are common in most suburban homes. But they can all begin to look the same after a while. If you're interested in making your home stand out, consider putting a design in the midst of the concrete driveway. This pattern is a gorgeous option. 6. Driveway Made of Paver

Concrete Driveway Calculator. Use our online Concrete Driveway Calculator to calculate how much concrete is needed for a driveway. Concrete is usually measured in cubic yards, which is the measure of volume. To find the required amount of concrete its important to know the volume of the drive way in cubic yards Pervious concrete is an ideal choice for a variety of flatwork applications, from driveways to parking lots, residential streets and pedestrian thoroughfares. Advantages of Pervious Concrete. For Contractors. Is cost-effective and speeds the development process. Eliminates the need for stormwater retention and piping systems A-1 Concrete Leveling specializes in residential and commercial concrete leveling services for concrete slabs, patios, pools, sidewalks, driveways, streets, steps, foundations, garages, warehouses, and more. The largest concrete leveler in America. A-1 has been leveling concrete for over 25 years. Often up to 70% off the cost of replacement How much a concrete paver driveway should cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. A professionally installed concrete paver driveway typically costs about $6-$20 or more a square foot, or $1,800-$4,500 for a 12'x25' driveway or $5,800-$14,500 for a 24'x40', depending on the pavers chosen; the complexity of the design; the. Concrete Driveway Installation $3.71 - $7.42 per square foot Estimated quote considers the cost of concrete driveway installation. No additional charge for grading, concrete and rebar. Price does not take into account tree removal, permits, staining and coloring. Reported by: ProMatcher Research Team: 33152, Miami, Florida - July 17, 201

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Concrete Driveway Cost: A standard concrete install will cost an average of $6 per square foot. This is based on a 48 x 15 square foot driveway. Although concrete is priced higher than asphalt, be assured that concrete at the end involves less maintenance due to its strong material composition Concrete thickness varies based on the soil beneath the driveway. The thickness itself may range from 4-6. If the installation of a base as a foundation is required, a separate initial pour of 3-6 may be laid. An experienced concrete contractor will be able to assess the soil composition and recommend an appropriate thickness

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For a much larger scale of 6m x 3.5m scale driveway, it is said to be around £1,950-£2,050. Get a New Driveway Quote. The labour cost breakdown -. 2.5m x 2.25m concrete driveway 1-2 days work, around £250 - £350. 3.5m x 3.5m concrete driveway 2-3 days work, around £600 - £700. 5m x 5m concrete driveway 3-4 days work, around £1,050. Resurfacing involves concrete driveway repair, whereby the entire thing doesn't need to come up. Instead, contractors can come in and address widespread damage by pouring a new layer of concrete over your existing driveway after removing the top layer. The result is a smooth surface that's damage-free and intact Concrete is enduringmany driveways last for 30 years and longer without major maintenance. Just as with many high-quality purchases, a concrete driveway will cost less in the long run. From the street to the garage, a personally designed concrete driveway not only adds visual satisfactionbut also adds long lasting quality and value to. Concrete, the most popular option for residential driveways, is incredibly versatile and can be used to achieve a variety of looks. Stamping and coloring make it possible to use concrete to recreate the look of natural stone, brick or pavers for a fraction of the cost Approximate Cost. While this depends on what you build with this concrete alternative, 13 tons of gravel costs about $1,300 to $1,600 which is roughly the amount needed for an average driveway. However, if you have a smaller area, you may not need as much gravel, reducing the cost to $300 to $1,000

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