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  1. Noun Examples - Things. This colouring page focuses on the fact that nouns are the words we use to name things. It includes text and pictures for kitten, grapes, octopus, sun, watermelon, chair, boots, pizza, sunflower and fish. noun-examples-things Download
  2. Nouns can also be categorized as countable or uncountable. A countable noun is a thing can be numbered or counted: airplane, sock, bowl, noodle, teacher, as in two airplanes, three socks, 1000 noodles. Countable noun examples: peach, horse, shirt, telescope. Countable noun examples in the following sentences are in bold for easy identification
  3. A possessive noun is a word that names who or what has or owns something. We add an apostrophe and s ('s) to form the possessive of most singular nouns. Example Sentences of Possessive Noun. This is Bob's skateboard. (Means - The skateboard belongs to Bob) This is Ian's Coat. (Means - The coat belongs to Ian
  4. Another type of noun use is called a subject complement. In this example, the noun teacher is used as a subject complement. Mary is a teacher. Subject complements normally follow linking verbs like to be, become, or seem. A teacher is what Mary is. A related usage of nouns is called an object complement
  5. Noun Type: Examples: Common Nouns name people, places, or things that are not specific. They are not capitalized unless they are in a place in the sentence that requires a capital letter (such as the first word in a sentence). man, mountain, state, ocean, country, building, cat, airline: Proper Nouns name specific people, places, or things.
  6. List of Nouns! Learn useful nouns list from A to Z with ESL infographics. Learn these common nouns examples to improve your English. A noun is a word that functions as the name of some specific thing or set of things, such as living creatures, objects, places, actions, qualities, states of existence, or ideas
  7. Noun Phrases Examples . Noun-a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea. Noun Phrase-a noun and any words in the sentence that modify it; words that can modify nouns include articles (a, an, the); adjectives; participles; and possessive pronouns. A noun phrase can be a single word-just the noun-or more than one word

Noun Clauses Examples . There are three types of subordinate, or independent, clauses: adjective, adverb, and noun.Remember that a subordinate clause has a subject and a verb, but it does not express a complete thought. In other words, it cannot stand alone-it is dependent.. The noun clause is a clause that functions like a noun in the sentence. Remember that a noun names a person, place. 48 Examples of Noun Sentences, Noun Examples Sentences We use a large number of words or phrases in the process of expressing ourselves using the English language. When describing objects, talking about objects, trying to name events and facts, we often need to use a group of words called nouns. Nouns are words used as qualifiers for both private and general assets Common Noun Examples. The following common noun examples will help you to recognize common nouns. In the sentences that follow, common noun examples are italicized. Notice that the examples providing proper nouns name specific versions of the same type of person, animal, place, thing, or idea. Common Noun: You broke my favorite mug

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Noun definition is - any member of a class of words that typically can be combined with determiners to serve as the subject of a verb, can be interpreted as singular or plural, can be replaced with a pronoun, and refer to an entity, quality, state, action, or concept. How to use noun in a sentence. What is a noun The nouns that can be counted are called countable nouns. Countable nouns can take an article: a, an, The. They have singular and plural forms. In plural form these nouns can be used with a number. Examples: Apple, chair, pen, books, pen, potato, topics, cookies, pages, bottles, birds, flowers etc. The book has 100 pages in it

3. Indirect Object. Noun clauses can also act as indirect objects of the verb in the independent clause.. For example: She chose to photograph whomever was willing to pose for her.; In the sentence above, the direct object of the verb chose is the infinitive phrase to photograph. Just like a noun clause, this infinitive phrase is acting like the noun direct object Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. Here is most important 100 examples of collective nouns; 1.a heap of rubbish 2.a hedge of bushes 3.a library of books 4.an outfit of clothes 5.an orchard of fruit trees 6.a pack of cards 7.a packet of letters 8.a pair of shoes 9.a quiver of arrows 10.a range of mountains 11.a ream of paper 12.a reel of film 13.a set. Some nouns can be both count and noncount. When they change from a count to a noncount noun, the meaning changes slightly. In the noncount form, the noun refers to the whole idea or quantity. In the count form, the noun refers to a specific example or type. When the noun is countable, it can be used with the indefinite article a or an or it. 1. Noun ending. There are certain word endings that show that a word is a noun, for example:-ity → nationality-ment → appointment-ness → happiness-ation → relation-hood → childhood; But this is not true for the word endings of all nouns. For example, the noun spoonful ends in -ful, but the adjective careful also ends in -ful. 2 Noun Clause Examples - 117 Noun Clauses - YouTube. It can be the subject of a sentence, an object, or a complement. A noun clause refers to a clause that serves the same purpose as a noun and is usually dependent. However, it cannot stand alone as a sentence. In this example, the noun clause is the subject of the sentence

For example, the following italicized noun clauses function as subjects: This animation teaches the learner to define, identify a noun clause in given sentences. A noun clause is formed with subordinator + subject + verb (+ rest of clause). Sometimes the word order is the same in a question and a noun clause that answers that question Noun Clause Examples - Noun Clauses - YouTube. After the clause marker is often the subject of the noun clause. This animation teaches the learner to define, identify a noun clause in given sentences. Sometimes the word order is the same in a question and a noun clause that answers that question. Noun clauses a noun clause is a group of words. Proper nouns differ from common nouns by being specific common nouns. If teacher is a common noun, then Ms. Wong or Mr. Baker are proper nouns. If city is a common noun, then Tokyo and San Francisco are proper nouns. These are the names given to specific common nouns, and because they are names, they need to be capitalized, always

The first noun functions as an adjective in such a construction and is usually called an ' attributive noun .'. Examples are telephone company, cellular phone, bus stop, marriage certificate, book store, and materials laboratory. The problem arises when a whole slew of nouns are crammed together A noun is the word used to represent a person, place, or thing (including objects, animals, and ideas). Everything we talk about is represented by a word that names it. That 'naming' word is called a noun. This page has lots of examples of the different types of nouns, an explainer video, and an interactive test

100 examples of countable nouns Nouns, although it seems simple, is a subject that contains a lot of details. Countable and uncountable nouns are in fact not very difficult to distinguish. In English, countable and uncountable nouns are known as countable and uncountable nouns. Countable and uncountable nouns determine the amount of objects or how to express them directly when describing the. Noun clause example as indirect object: In the sentence above, the noun clause what she had read is being used as the object of the preposition by. A noun clause is a dependent (or subordinate clause) that works as a noun.it can be the subject of a sentence, an object, or a complement.like all nouns, the purpose of a noun clause is to name a. The difference between noun and pronoun is seen mainly in their usage. • A noun is a word that is used to name a person, thing or place. A pronoun is a word that is used to replace a noun. • When used in objective and nominative cases, a noun does not change its form. For example consider the following sentences

Nouns that we hear, see, taste, touch, or smell belong to this category of nouns. We can subcategorize concrete nouns into 2 types of nouns: proper and common. When looking at a sentence it is easy to pick out the concrete noun example. For example, She pets the zebra. A zebra is something that you can touch, see, and hear https://patreon.com/freeschool - Help support more content like this!A noun is a special kind of word that gives a name to a person, place, thing, or idea! N.. An example with sentence, The news is relevant. Here news is the uncountable noun. Singular Noun: A noun that denotes one person or one thing is said to be a singular noun. The noun that is not more than one. For example, person, boy, girl, man, woman, foot, king, pen, chair, table etc. An example with sentence, I saw a boy i A printable page with a table showing nouns categorized under Person, Place, and Thing Grammar Parts of Speech Verb Tense Subject/ Verb Agreement Pronouns Countable & Uncountable Nouns Nouns come in many different shapes and sizes—do you know them all? Thesaurus.com breaks down the 10 types of nouns you need to know

Before you look at the 8 types of nouns with their examples, a brief definition of a noun would be advantageous. Definition: The traditional definition of a noun is that a noun refers to a person, place, thing or an idea. Here are examples of nouns referring to a person, place, thing or an idea! Jonathan and Rebekah love fishing (referring to a. Collective nouns rarely include a list of abstract nouns, but often include a concrete nouns list. Below is a list of nouns separated by person/animal, place, and thing. As words appearing in a list of nouns are typically used as part of a phrase, complete phrases are included for clarity. Person/Animal. Place What is the Noun definition? Noun Definition and Examples: In simple terms, the Noun can be defined as the name of the person, place, thing, animal, idea, emotion, action, event, etc. It can be singular or plural like Cats, Dog, Tables, Chairs, Shoe, etc. Usually, you can call Noun as a naming word, because it covers most of the words in the English Language This list of 100 common nouns in English was selected from the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) by Brigham Young University. Get a free e-book when you sign up for English lessons by e-mail

Nouns worksheets for second grade. These worksheets review nouns as a person, place or thing, common and proper nouns, singular and plural forms of nouns, irregular nouns, and collective nouns. All worksheets are free and printable pdf files. Identifying and using nouns. Nouns as a person, place or thing - circle the words that are nouns Nouns have a wider definition but in simple words, a noun is a word that identifies a person, place thing or idea. Based on the use nouns can be categorized as common nouns, proper nouns, countable nouns, uncountable nouns etc. In this list of nouns that end with ing, we have listed all those noun types in the alphabetical order Relative Pronouns, Definition and Examples. Put -es suffix to the end of the noun if there is an -o voice: In some cases, to make the plural of the word, we still need to bring -es suffix to the words.But in order to make this decision, we first need to make sure that the last letter is -o. Such words are very few in English Gerunds are also called verbal nouns, because they are formed when verbs have -ing added to them and are used as nouns. Example: Walking is great exercise. (The -ing word, the gerund, is the subject of the sentence.) A subject is the noun, pronoun, or set of words that performs the verb. Examples: The woman hurried. Woman is the subject. She. Concrete noun. A concrete noun is a noun which refers to people and to things that exist physically and can be seen, touched, smelled, heard, or tasted. Examples include dog, building, coffee, tree, rain, beach, tune

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  1. Examples of Common Nouns. Below you'll find multiple examples of common nouns, and a few proper nouns for comparison, divided by category for easy identification. For reference, this list will be formatted with common noun first, and proper noun second, in italics, like so: common noun - proper noun
  2. g word is noun. Or A word used to show the name of person,thing, quality, idea or state is called noun. e.g. Jacob is a good athlete. (Name of person) Nepal [
  3. Proper noun. Definition: Proper noun refers to the name of a particular place, person or thing, e.g. Taj Mahal, Ganges, New Delhi, etc. 10 examples of Proper Noun for kids. Akbar was a great king. The Taj Mahal is in Agra. Mr. Ratan is a man of great knowledge. This house belongs to Aman. Ashoka was a fearless king
  4. SpanishCognates.org helps both Spanish speakers learn English fast and English speakers learn Spanish fast. Many English words and Spanish words have Latin or Greek roots and the same meaning; these words are called cognates
  5. In your example, noise collocates with certain other nouns, e.g. background noise, engine noise, aircraft noise, wind noise, so traffic noise is fine. But, I also think the noise of (the) traffic is fine as an answer. If you use the 'of' phrase, note that you may need to add an article before the second noun, e.g. the garden of the hotel
  6. Examples of concrete noun words include leaves, petals, flowers, tiger, rabbit, sunrise, sunset, cookies, biscuits, etc. The concrete nouns are mostly countable nouns. They provide both the forms singular and plural. You can see the examples below: A Stone. Two Stones

Examples and definition of a Noun Phrase. A noun phrase is a group of words that work together to name and describe a person, place, thing, or idea. When we look at the structure of writing, we treat a noun phrase the same way we treat a common noun. Like all nouns, a noun phrase can be a subject, object, or complement Noun Phrases are a group of words that contain a noun but don't contain a verb. A noun phrase usually contains a noun and a group of words that describe the noun. Noun Phrases Explained. Let us now look at a few noun phrase examples. #1. That new black mobile is mine. In this sentence, mobile is the noun, whereas the other words. A noun is a word used as the name of a person, place or thing. Examples: King, Mohan, Sarita, Mumbai, Table. List of different types of nouns in English: Common Proper Nouns in English; Collective Nouns with Examples; Possessive Nouns in English; Abstract Nouns; Countable Nouns with Uncountable Nouns; Other Noun Lessons In this lesson, you will learn all about NOUNS. Also see - MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN ENGLISH & HOW TO AVOID THEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dax90QyXgI&l..

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Rule 1. uncountable nouns का use सिर्फ singular form में किया जाता है।Uncountable nouns have only one form. Examples:-I need some rice, bacon, cream, and oil. Do you drink coffee or tea in the morning? Can you please check the salt of the curry Categorized Examples. Material nouns are names given to the raw elements or objects exist in the nature and cannot be created by human being, however many new things can be created by man using raw materials. The main source of raw materials are nature, animals and plants. We have provided below the list of common nouns under various categories. The noun as adjective is singular. Just like a real adjective, the noun as adjective is invariable. It is usually in the singular form. In other words, if there is a plural it is on the real noun only. A few nouns look plural but we usually treat them as singular (for example news, billiards, athletics) Plural Nouns & Examples Plural Nouns. Reba went to the zoo yesterday and she has seen five giraffes, two crocodiles, 3 tigers, 6 foxes, and many birds. If you observe, she has seen more than two giraffes, tigers, foxes, and birds. Hence, these numbers are more than two and are known as a plural noun Nouns are one of the main parts of speech, and can be enhanced by adjectives. Some examples of common nouns are things like table, dog, city, love, movie, ocean, book. A proper noun is a noun that references a specific person, place, thing, animal or idea . Everything around you is a noun, and so learning to identify common and proper nouns is.

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  1. A noun clause may have you questioning your grammar knowledge. Don't fret: become comfortable with the concept by reading through this helpful guide
  2. ers; broadly : any syntactic element (such as a clause, clitic, pronoun, or zero element) with a noun's function (such as the subject of a verb or the object of a verb or preposition) —abbreviation NP. How to use noun phrase in a sentence
  3. For example, if we are speaking of water that has been spilled on the table, there can be one drop (singular) or two or more drops (plural) of water on the table. The word drop in this example is a count noun because we can count the number of drops
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Countable Noun examples in sentences. Non-countable Noun: The nouns that cannot be counted are called non-countable nouns. Example: Water, sugar, oil, salt, etc. (you cannot say 1 water, 2 water, 3 water because water is not countable) Abstract nouns and proper nouns are always non-countable nouns, but common nouns and concrete nouns can. An abstract noun is a noun that cannot be perceived using one of the five senses (i.e., taste, touch, sight, hearing, smelling). Look at the examples below: We can't imagine the courage it took to do that. Courage is an abstract noun because it cannot be seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled. Below are two more examples of abstract nouns.

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Noun: Definition and Examples Words can be considered as the smallest independent elements in language and communication. In the English language, words can be classified under 8 major word types or parts of speech namely, nouns , pronouns , adjectives , verbs , adverbs, conjunctions , prepositions , and interjections Examples of a Common Noun girl cat church bag 6. Differences between a Proper Noun and a Common Noun Proper Noun Common Noun 1) A Proper Noun usually starts with a capital letter. A Common Noun usually starts with a common letter. 2) A Proper Noun sometimes consists of two words. A Common Noun always consists of one word. 7. Which is a Proper Noun Examples of abstract nouns include liberty, anger, freedom, love, generosity, charity, and democracy. Notice that these nouns express ideas, concepts, or qualities that cannot be seen or experienced

Printer Fabulous! The Noun Phrase Recognize a noun phrase when you find one. A noun phrase includes a noun—a person, place, or thing—and the modifiers that distinguish it.. You can find the noun dog in a sentence, for example, but you do not know which canine the writer means until you consider the entire noun phrase: that dog, Aunt Audrey's dog, the dog on the sofa, the neighbor's dog. Examples of Nouns Noun Noun Noun Noun Compound Nouns (continued) - made up of two or more words jigsaw keyboard kneecap lifetime moonlight mother-in-law New York overthrow paperclip photograph pickpocket pigtails plaything quicksand railroad rattlesnake somewhere snowflake sunlight tablecloth upstream uplift wheelchair windpip

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  1. NOUNS • There are several ways to make a singular noun plural: — Add s to most singular nouns. EXAMPLES girl—girls chair—chairs — Add es to nouns that end in sh, ch, x, s, and z. EXAMPLES brush—brushes church—churches buzz—buzzes box—boxes dress—dresses — Add s to most nouns that end in o. EXAMPLE patio—patios — Add es to most nouns that have a consonant before the o
  2. Noun belongs to the category of words, that may be singular or plural and referred to as quality, an entity, activity, or idea. First known use. It was first used in 14 th Century. History and etymology. Middle English nowne, from Anglo French nom, noun mane, noun, from Latin nomen. Common examples of noun. Sarmad, Karachi, School, girl, man.
  3. For example, the word play is a verb, such as, My kids are going outside to play. However, it can also be a noun, I am going to watch a play. Because of the multiple meaning of words, the ordering of words were conducted by 1) taking the frequency of only noun types, then 2) taking the frequency of (noun + other type), then finally 3.
  4. 10 Examples of Proper Nouns. Asoka was a wise king. Sita is a good girl. London is on the bank of the river Thames. Kalidasa is the Shakespeare of India. Paris is the capital of France. China is the most populous country in the world. Bill Gates is the richest person in the world. Ronald Ross was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on the.

Examples: • Mr. Ram is an intelligent boy. Mr. Ram is a proper noun in Nominative case. • The painter paints the portraits. The painter is a common noun in Nominative case. • I am buying vegetables for my family. I is a pronoun in Nominative case. These examples carry another term pronoun which is a word used to represent a noun. Compound nouns: Compound nouns are two or more nouns that act as a single unit. They can be formed using two individual words (time capsule), words joined by a hyphen (great-aunt), or two words combined (football). Collective nouns: Collective nouns name groups of people or things. Family, team, and herd are examples of collective nouns In part 1, students highlight the noun in each sentence. In part 2, they tell whether each underlined nouns is a person, place, or thing. In part 3, they write a sentence and underline the noun(s). All sentences are farm-themed Subject and Object Nouns. A subject noun is a noun that performs the action of the verb in the sentence. For example, consider the following sentences: Ryan scored a 100 on the test.. Madison left the dance early.. The Grand Canyon attracts thousands of hikers every year.. In the above sentences, Ryan, Madison, and Grand Canyon are all performing the action of the verb; hence. Random Noun Generator. If you missed your curfew, or were out with that friend your husband/wife just doesn't like, you probably need a good story to cover your tracks. The answers to Who?, What? and Where? can all be answered with a few simple nouns, and this site can get you started. Check out our date and time section to figure out the.

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Collective Nouns Sentences. Definition. A collective noun is a term used to represent a group of things, people, animals, or places. For example, a team of players, a herd of deer, etc. Collective Nouns Sentences. These are 50 examples of collective nouns. An archipelago is called a chain of islands. A bunch of flowers is lying on the table In short, collective nouns are countable nouns. So ultimately collective nouns are used to modify or quantify a bunch of countable nouns as a single cumulative unit. In the following guide, we'll have a more detailed look at collective noun examples and their proper usage. The difference between collective, mass and countable nouns Examples of Material Noun are in Sentences. You might also like. Abstract Noun, Definition, Examples, Sentences & List a-z . December 8, 2020 December 17, 2020. Examples of Possessive Noun are in Sentences . December 17, 2020 December 17, 2020. Countable and Uncountable Noun: Difference, Examples, & List of words Example: Laptops have become commonplace in schools. Uncountable means that the unspecific noun can only be marked as singular, not plural. Some examples of unspecific uncountable nouns are equipment, water, oxygen, chalk, English, engineering, research. If the unspecific noun is uncountable, use ø. Example: He is seeking information about web.

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Do 4 problems. Types of nouns. Common and proper nouns. Practice: Common and proper nouns. This is the currently selected item. Concrete and abstract nouns. Practice: Concrete and abstract nouns. Next lesson. Irregular plural nouns: base plurals and irregular endings Nominalization refers to the creation of a noun from verbs or adjectives. Most of the time, nouns are created from other parts of speech through the use of suffixes. In other cases, the word remains the same but is simply used a different way; this is known as conversion or zero derivation It's not always easy to determine if a noun is abstract or not. Though we have different types of abstract nouns describing feelings, quality, ideas, conditions, states etc. List of Abstract Nouns. Some Examples of abstract nouns are Love, Confusion, Frustration, Friction, Force, Air, Hatred, Idea, Calm, Fear, Friendship etc

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The same Noun can be used in different manner in different contexts. Let us go to the next form of Noun-Number. 2. Plural: When we speak about more than one person and one thing, we use the noun in plural form. Examples: a. Few men are standing in the foyer. b. The groups of cows, coming back to their sheds, are not milch cows. c A head noun is the word that is modified by an adjective clause. Example: * I like the car that you bought. In this sentence, car is the head noun because the adjective clause modifies it. Usually the head noun is the noun that comes right before the adjective clause, but not always. More examples. The head noun s are underlined. Notice that the head noun is NOT the noun right before the.

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Here we have provided the most common 100 examples of collective nouns are in sentences. Collective Noun is a noun that represents a collection of people, things, animals, and objects.. Examples of Collective Noun. Here are some examples of collective nouns are fallows Noun Presentation 1. Nouns Mrs. Smith 2. What is a noun? Person Place Thing Idea A noun is a 3. Examples Pumpkin is a noun. THING 4. Examples Chef is a noun. PERSON 5. Examples South Carolina is a noun. PLACE 6. Examples Freedom is a noun. IDEA 7. Nonexamples Kick is not a noun. X X X X 8. Nonexamples Pretty is not a noun A compound noun consists of two or more words (usually two nouns or an adjective and a noun) functioning as a single unit to name a person, place, or thing. there are also plenty of other possibilities for forming compound nouns. For example: Combination. Examples. noun + verb. haircut, rainfall, sunrise, sunset. noun + preposition. hanger. English often uses nouns as adjectives - to modify other nouns. For example, a car that people drive in races is a race car. A car with extra power or speed is a sports car. Nouns that modify. Collective Nouns List 957. Below is a 3 column fast-sorting table of 100's of collective nouns with a related noun and link to the main category. The fast search works for all the columns so you can type birds or crows or troupe or whatever you want

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A plural noun indicates that there is more than one of that noun (while a singular noun indicates that there is just one of the noun). Most plural forms are created by simply adding an -s or -es to the end of the singular word. For example, there's one dog (singular), but three dogs (plural). However, English has both regular and irregular plural nouns Write down the nouns from the sentences. 1) I love red cars. [ . ] Check. Show. 2) John and Mary went to the supermarket and bought eggs and cheese. [

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Nouns: countable and uncountable - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionar When a noun or pronoun precedes a gerund, use the possessive case of the noun or pronoun. Jana's sleeping was sometimes an escape from studying. To test for correct usage, substitute the noun in place of the gerund. For example, in the preceding sentence, replace the gerund sleeping with the noun slumber Common and Proper Nouns. Definition: Common nouns name any person, place, thing, or idea. They are not capitalized unless they come at the beginning of a sentence. Proper nouns are the names of specific people, places, things, or ideas. Proper nouns should always be capitalized. Common Collocation examples with adjectives and nouns: internal injury, internal organ, irreparable damage, joint account, just cause, key issue, key role Noun and Verb. When attributing a verb to a noun, some phrases are just more often combined than others, so this forms a collocation because we become used to seeing the words combined Take a look at the words and decide if they are nouns, verbs or adjectives.. Noun: a word that refers to a person, place, thing, event, substance or quality e.g.'nurse', 'cat', 'party', 'oil' and 'poverty'. Verb: a word or phrase that describes an action, condition or experience e.g. 'run', 'look' and 'feel'. Adjective: a word that describes a noun e.g. 'big', 'boring', 'pink', 'quick' and.

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Some nouns have no singular form. Such a noun is called a plurale tantum. Examples include cattle, thanks, clothes (originally a plural of cloth). A particular set of nouns, describing things having two parts, comprises the major group of pluralia tantum in modern English A noun phrase is either a pronoun or any group of words that can be replaced by a pronoun. For example, 'they', 'cars', and 'the cars' are noun phrases, but 'car' is just a noun, as you can see in these sentences (in which the noun phrases are all in bold) Q: Do you like cars? A: Yes, I like them. Q: Do you like the cars over there? A: Yes.

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A that-clause is an example of a noun clause. It can be the subject or the object of the verb. I believe that he is innocent.. Here the that-clause 'that he is innocent' is the object of the verb believe.. She said that she can speak three languages.(Object - that she can speak three languages)I suspect that she eloped with her boyfriend.. The that-clause can also act as the subject of. A wide variety of verbs turn into nouns with these suffixes. For example, inform, decide, and describe can become information, decision, and description. For example, look at the sentence, He decided to decline the job offer. If you wanted to use a noun, you could say, He made the decision to decline the job offer What does material-noun mean? The definition of a material noun is a grammar term that refers to a material or substance from which things are made su.. noun definition: 1. a word that refers to a person, place, thing, event, substance, or quality: 2. a word that. Learn more

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