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Thanks to the indispensable site for music nerds, WhoSampled.com, we now know who the most sampled artists are (we'll get to that in a second), what the most covered song is (it's Yesterday by The.. Most Remixed. 1 James Brown Got sampled 8248 times. 2 The Winstons Got sampled 5358 times. 3 Lyn Collins Got sampled 3255 times. 4 Public Enemy Got sampled 3192 times. 5 Beside Got sampled 2556 times. 6 Run-DMC Got sampled 2261 times. 7 The Notorious B.I.G. Got sampled 1951 times. 8 Michael Jackson Got sampled 1878 times You've probably never heard of the song 'Amen, Brother' by The Winstons, but it's likely you've unwittingly listened to it - a lot. That is, a specific part of the track, the break. Now known as.. There's one song that's been sampled far more than any other, according to one measure. The website WhoSampled.com, whose audience obsessively tracks what's sampled, says that a 1960s track called..

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11 Hot Pants (Bonus Beats) - Bobby Byrd Sampled 796 times 12 Long Red - Mountain Sampled 784 times 13 The Champ - The Mohawks Sampled 728 times 14 Apache - Incredible Bongo Band Sampled 717 times The 'Amen break' or six seconds that changed the course of music history as the video describes it is famously the most sampled piece of music of all time Data from WhoSampled In fact, you might have heard of his most sampled song. In 1969, James Brown recorded Funky Drummer, which featured an iconic drum break by Clyde Stubblefield and punctuated by Brown's trademark grunts. These drums and barks have been reused by everyone from Boogie Down Productions to Nicki Minaj No doubt the most popularly famous classic rock sample in hip-hop is the titular riff in the milestone 1986 crossover single Walk This Way by Run-DMC Quite possibly the most sampled drumbeat ever, the so-called Amen break was laid down by G.C. Coleman as part of the B-side to the 1971 single Color Him Father

As of 2016, the six second drum sample appeared in over 2,200 different songs and advertisements, easily crowning it the most sampled song in the history of music The most sampled song of all time is Beside 's Change The Beat, which has been sampled 1,267 times. At the top of both the most covered artist and most covered song of all time is The Beatles...

Aspiring producers - if you take one thing away from Black Box's late '80s slice of pumping eurodance 'Ride On Time' let, it be this: clear your samples. The original version of the song. James Brown, 'Funky Drummer' Arguably THE most sampled track ever, having been used by: Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, NWA, Run DMC, Sinead O'Connor, Jovanotti, Vanilla Ice, LL Cool J, Aphex.. In his TED talk, Ronson offers a case in point by charting the 30-year journey of one of the most sampled songs of all time: Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh's 1984 hit La Di Da Di, a bare-bones rap.. The Verge Playlist: The most sampled songs of all time. New, 22 comments. Run-DMC, Afrika Bambaataa, and a lot of James Brown We already knew Change the Beat was the most sampled song ever,. The film's intro was borrowed liberally by Nas on the track 'The Genesis', the intro to his 1994 debut LP 'Illmatic', an album frequently lauded as one of the greatest Hip Hop records of all time: 4. Pulp Fiction (1994) Sampled 61 times

So now that you're informed of what samples are, here are some popular artists who have used samples of well-known songs: 1. Lil Nas X sampled Nine Inch Nail's 34 Ghosts IV on his hit single. Now let's look at nine other songs that sample or were inspired by the famous bassline. Good Times is one of the most sampled songs in history, so this list only, er, scratches the surface. We. The song has been covered by more than 650 artists. The 1965 version by the Righteous Brothers was the most famous covering of the hit song. The song received a mega boost when it was used in the 1990 blockbuster movie Ghost, which starred Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. The film won an Oscar. The estimated earnings of the song are $27.5 million

Bam Bam is said to be the most sampled reggae song of all time, but is itself a reinterpretation of two classic Jamaican tunes The Greatest of All-Time Billboard Hot 100 Songs and Artists rankings are based on weekly performance on the Hot 100 (from its inception on Aug. 4, 1958, through July 21, 2018). Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at lower spots earning the least Top 10 Best Songs of All Time A song is a musical composition performed by a human voice. It may include popular songs produced by professional singers, musical numbers from films, or modern renditions of traditional songs. This list includes the greatest songs ever and features legendary songs from Zeppelin, Queen, The Beatles, Floyd and more SONG SAMPLED: Otis G Johnson's Time to Go Home (1978) The closer to Rapsody's Grammy-nominated Laila's Wisdom LP sees the MC rapping over a croaked gospel hook and no beat to speak of.

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Like, most streamed song of all time on Spotify catchy. The rest of the list will also come as little surprise. Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud takes the number five most-played spot The result sees the distinctive snap of the snare transformed into a fat and punchy thing, with Coleman's bouncing groove still intact. It's the most sampled drum beat of all time, and for good reason The song was provocative at the time of its 2016 release, when it was perceived as a clapback at a former South Korean Ministry of Education official who called for a caste system and referred to. The Amen break is a drum break that has been widely sampled in popular music.It comes from the 1969 track Amen, Brother by the soul group the Winstons, released as the B-side of the 1969 single Color Him Father.The drum break lasts about seven seconds and was performed by Gregory Coleman.. With the rise of hip hop in the 1980s, the break was widely sampled; in the 1990s, it became a staple. 'Fix Up, Up Look Sharp' samples Billy Squier's 'The Big Beat' - one of the most sampled in Hip-Hop history You might have also heard the beat on Jay Z's '99 Problems' (more on that later) and.

25 Songs You Never Knew Were Covers Or Samples 16 May 2013, 09:08 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10 Join Capital as we take a look at some of the biggest hits and discover where they were. According to the site WhoSampled, which catalogs samples, James Brown is the most sampled artist of all time, appearing in more than 3000 tracks. The drum break from the 1970 James Brown song Funky Drummer is one of the most influential pieces of sampled music Top 50 Love Songs of All Time. By Fred Bronson. 2/4/2021. Jackson's first single for Virgin was based on a sample from a James Brown No. 1 R&B hit from 1974, Papa Don't Take No Mess. It's also the most sampled song ever in history, being used in hits including Rapper's Delight and Janet Jackson's All For You. 40. The B-52s, Rock Lobste

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The 15 Most Controversial Songs of All-Time. Have a look at this list to check out the great company Prince keeps in the history of banned songs — as proud a legacy as any His Purpleness. 16All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix (originally by Bob Dylan) Sony Legacy. Jimi Hendrix 's rowdier, louder, punchier, and electrified version of Bob Dylan' s classic song, released in 1968, blew even the original songwriter away. It overwhelmed me, Dylan later said, about hearing Hendrix's cover for the first time Nirvana weren't the first indie heroes to sign a major label (the Replacements, Tim, 1985), or the first to subsequently hit Number One (R.E.M., Out of Time, 1991), but the Washington trio's. How a 67-Year-Old Honky-Tonk Sample Ended Up on Sam Hunt's New Banger 'Hard to Forget' Webb Pierce's 1953 hit There Stands the Glass is the building block of Hunt's latest singl It is the most sampled James Brown track with 182 verifiable samples and nearly all of them are from the world of hip-hop. But like the 'Amen' break, the break from Funky Drummer has become ubiquitous enough that it is no longer always thought of as an actual sample, and its use certainly isn't contained to hip-hop

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Adam F sampled Bob James' 'Valley Of The Shadows' to create one of the biggest breakbeat songs of all time. Andy C & Shimon - Body Rock The legendary Andy C collaborated with Shimon on RAM Records. Yesterday is the most covered song by the most artists of all time. With that said I never heard 3 versions as diverse and great as the above mentioned versions of Don Gibson's Sweet Dreams. You guys are good, but you got a long ways to go to be great

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  1. The 20 Best Disco Songs of All Time. continues to endure and resurface all over the place: remixed or sampled by everyone from Hot Chip and Todd Terry to Madonna collaborator Shep Pettibone,.
  2. Glass Animals Details. Electronic, Rock. Glass Animals is a British four-piece psychedelic music project led by singer, songwriter, and producer Dave Bayley with his bandmates and childhood friends Joe Seaward, Ed Irwin-Singer, and Drew MacFarlane
  3. It's still the most popular synthesizer of all time, and as such was absolutely unavoidable in late '80s and early '90s pop, rock, and of course, stock music
  4. It's one of Cole's most balanced songs with strong lyrics alluding to an overarching message while at the same time being an infectiously catchy, bass-heavy, pulsing synth smash hit. 18. J
  5. Squier has one of the most unusual stories in all of pop culture: a one-time superstar who, in the '80s, straddled glam, pop and hard rock. has a stealth second career as the most sampled.
  6. Of all the songs the scientists tested, R.E.M.'s ode to empathy led the list of songs that yielded the most milk, especially when played daily from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m

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  1. In the summer of 2012, their first original song, Wings, soared to the top spot as well. Little Mix have earned ten top 10 charting singles in the U.K. in just five years. Along with Girls Aloud, Sugababes, and Spice Girls, they are one of the most successful U.K. girl groups of all time
  2. We count down the top soul music of all time, including tracks from Otis Redding, Al Green and Aretha Franklin. Introducing our poll of truly great soul music. We count down the top 50 soul songs.
  3. The most famous female Mexican singer of them all and one of the best, period, Lola la Grande was probably most famous for not changing the gender pronouns in her interpretations of songs
  4. The best hip-hop songs of all time are the songs that touch our souls. They make us smile, laugh, cry, think, and shake what our mama (or papa) gave us. Covering more than four decades, here are the 100 greatest rap songs of all time
  5. Our picks for the 20 most underrated albums of all time: Pérez Prado, Voodoo Suite 1955 Unlike jazz or country or blues, exotica has largely vanished, giving way to various World and Latin genres
  6. We're not putting this in here just because it's called 'Sailing', it's also one of the ultimate examples of the genre. It reached number one in the US in 1980, and VH1 later named it the most softsational soft rock song of all time. 17. Steve Winwood - 'Valerie'. YouTube
  7. ation of all the time Dre spent behind the boards for N.W.A., the beat is perfection perfected, as Snoop raps. Twenty-three years after the fact, superlatives feel forced

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Song Name Artist 1 Hoochie Coochie Man Muddy Waters 2 The Thrill is Gone B.B. King 3 Me And The Devil Blues Robert Johnson 4 Stone Crazy Buddy Guy 5 I'd Rather Go Blind Etta James 6 I'm Tore Down Freddie King 7 Call It Stormy Monday T-Bone Walker 8 Boogie Chillen' John Lee Hooke It's a Man's Man's Man's World is a song written by James Brown and Betty Jean Newsome. Brown recorded it on February 16, 1966, in a New York City studio and released it as a single later that year. It reached No. 1 on the Billboard R&B chart and No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Its title is a word play on the 1963 comedy film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Worl Families, music fans, and Disney fanatics all have their own personal rankings of the best Disney songs of all time. Here's our top 41, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Mary Poppins Returns Fight the Power is a song by American hip hop group Public Enemy, released as a single in the summer of 1989 on Motown Records. It was conceived at the request of film director Spike Lee, who sought a musical theme for his 1989 film Do the Right Thing.First issued on the film's 1989 soundtrack, a different version was featured on Public Enemy's 1990 studio album Fear of a Black Planet Many musicians have covered, sampled, adapted Strange Fruit, the most famous being Nina Simone in 1965, while Kanye West sampled Simone's cover for his 2013 track Blood on the Leaves

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  1. This article will be documenting ten of the most obvious popular music rip-offs. 10. Going to California. Original: Led Zeppelin: Going to California. Rip-Off: Pearl Jam: Given to Fly [ View] Going to California is a song released by Led Zeppelin, in 1971. The single has a folk sound and it is different from other tracks included on Led.
  2. One of the most sampled men in hip-hop—alongside James Brown and George Clinton—Marvin's legacy has been filtered through the rap ranks for decades, with artists as diverse in content and time.
  3. One of the most frequently performed songs during American Idol auditions has also been covered by plenty of musical greats.Non-Idol cover versions include Willie Nelson, Patti LaBelle, Eva.
  4. The 15 Best Selena Quintanilla Songs of All Time Celia the song has been re-recorded and sampled by other artists like Ivy Queen, Manny Manuel, and Play-N-Skillz. The song is probably on.
  5. Which songs are the most repetitive of all time? Let's find out! For purists out there, we've decided to just keep it to words that have been sung over and over again
  6. The 25 Most Awesome Saxophone Songs of All Time. Ned Hepburn | April 4, 2019 - 4:54 pm. CREDIT: MAURO PIMENTEL/AFP/Getty Images. This article was originally published in Death and Taxes on January.
  7. Here are 56 of the most inspirational songs of all time: Songs on Being Positive 1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow. An all-time classic, Somewhere Over The Rainbow speaks of this magical place over the rainbow where things will be better. It refers to this other place that is better compared to where we are now
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Think about that, your song (or songs) have made the top 4000 list of Industrial songs of all time out of all of the songs that have been released, you should feel good about yourself for writing, singing or performing a song that has affected and influenced so many people especially since many of these voters are your peers One of the oldest and most important political songs of all-time, We Shall Overcome was published in 1948 by People's Songs. The organization founded by Pete Seeger, Lee Hays and Alan. 5. Rakim. During the opening scene of one of the most entertaining 'hood flicks which co-starred my #4 pick you hear a fevered bass guitar followed by my #5 pick's first lines: Where's the Juice, I've got enough to go around, and it all takes place uptown. Rakim is the start of lyricsm hands down It's arguably the most important element of hip-hop. It's the cornerstone of every song, the foundation lyrics are built upon. They dictate the time-signature, the tempo, the tone of the lyrics The iconic song is almost twice the length of songs typically played on the radio, but it defied expectations of failure and became one of the greatest singles of all time, rising to the top of.

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'Ben' And how better to round it all off than with a song about a rat? The theme song to the 1972 horror film of the same name, it's an incongruously tender track that scored a Golden Globe. The most beloved songs to play at memorial services, funerals, and celebration-of-life events. Music sets the mood of our memories; they honor our loved ones' lives; they give us something to hold. Father-daughter dance songs need to hit all the right notes. The best dad-and-daughter dance song will be sweet, meaningful and great to dance to. You'll want to choose a heartfelt song about love that doesn't dip into romantic territory (although, if you do find a song you love with an iffy line, you can work with your musicians to cut it out)

Best EDM songs of all time. The many years of EDM so far have produced some timeless gems and here are our 20 Best EDM songs of all time. 20. Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso - Calling (Lose My Mind) This track was a must-have on all major festival stages across the globe. With the crowd seen singing it all the time, it definitely proved to be a. List of 100 Greatest Classic R&B, soul songs chosen for their impact, influence and quality in R&B music from 1950-1979

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The Most Requested Wedding Songs of All Time. How to Make the Best Reception Playlist. Songs to Add to Your Do-Not-Play List. CLOSE. The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Music. Part of Stevie Wonder's all-time clavinet killer riffed its way into history in 1972, and has thrilled (and advised) listeners ever since. Confirmation that the junior genius had matured - and then some Ever since, using a Kraftwerk sample has been shorthand for credibility. Jay-Z's 1997 Sunshine sampled The Man-Machine, while Coldplay's Talk made a melody from Computer World into a stadium-rock. For our Top 25, we head back to the Say Yeah era up to present-day, to choose 25 of Wiz's top tracks from both cult songs to mainstream hits, this list packs a punch like a bong rip of KK

An all-time classic from cosmic-jazz pioneers Sun Ra and the Arkestra, this rendition of the track was recorded in 1978 and released a year later on the group's album The Other Side of The Sun. An extended version of the track was recorded in 1973 and included on the group's soundtrack to their Afrofuturist science fiction film, also titled. So whether you are a true fan of hip-hop music or not the debate is constant and ever growing. Â The Top 10 Rap Stars of All -Time list was put together with a five key categories in mind The Ringer's 50 Best Outkast Songs, Ranked. To mark the 20th anniversary of 'Stankonia,' we're counting down the top songs in André 3000 and Big Boi's shared catalog 15 best instrumental songs of the 1950s and 1960s. 12 of these were top 20 songs. The other three were big instrumentals too. 18 best instrumental songs of the 1960s. 12 are original top 20 songs listed here. The other 7 were all top 20 near miss songs. 18 pop-soul best instrumental songs of the 1960s. 15 of these are original top 20 hits.

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One of the most nostalgic songs of all time. Slow Jamz immediately transports you back to the most halcyon of days whenever it's played. The song name itself pretty much spawned its own genre For the most part, the overriding mood of Morris Broadnax, Clarence Paul and Stevie Wonder's song is one of resignation: the lover has upped and gone, and the jilted party is getting used to living life after the fact. But the middle-eight is like a window into the singer's soul - a pained plea of desperation 10. Good Times - Chic (Bernard Edwards) Relentlessly sampled, quoted, and replayed to the point that is woven into pop-culture's DNA, Bernard Edwards' Good Times' bassline is the ne plus ultra of disco 'lines, its tempo and groove a case study in what will make people move under the lustrous spell of a glitterball The 50 Best Dancehall Songs of All Time. From Lady Saw to Vybz Kartel, Yellowman to Sister Nancy, here are the riddims that reign This song's initial line, the Ini Kamoze sample of, Out. Though not all of these artists are strictly funk, if any artist had a significant amount of important funk songs, they are factored here into the rankings. 1. James Brown. 2. Sly & The Family Stone. 3. George Clinton / Parliament-Funkadelic. 4. Earth, Wind, & Fire

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The most recent annoying speech pattern to me is the habit of adding an 'ah' sound to the end of a word. I first heard this on a Dove commercial. The young woman in the commercial exclaimed, It's Dove-ah!. Now I notice it all the time. Don't do that-ah! It's so annoying-gah! The correct answer is one song- Rihanna's Don't Stop The Music. The 2007 hit song samples Michael Jackson's Wanna be Startin' Somethin', specifically the part when he goes, Mamma see mama saw mama koosa. Apparently, plagiarism applies to gibberish too. Or so claims the spectacularly named Manu Dibangu

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The chorus of the Beastie Boys song was itself sampled from Kurtis Blow's 1983 Party Time. Helpless This is the musical's big R&B love song, and it draws inspiration from a few. The best document of this period is Slow Jamz, where Yeezy enlists the help of Twista to make arguably the greatest ladies' jam of all time. Oh, and it was Kanye's first No. 1 single. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2), incidentally, is one of the most-played rock songs on American radio over the past nearly 40 years; this intro is played with it about half the time.

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The list of songs with killer guitar tones is endless, and singling out any single song as the best is, of course, subjective. The most memorable guitar tones don't scream out for attention; instead, they pull at the melody and cut across the bed created by the rhythm section without being too showy, abrasive or predictable It is now the most viewed and liked video on YouTube of all time, the fastest to rack up 2 billion views and the first to reach 3 billion — and in barely six months, a benchmark that took two. We'll explore these all in depth herein. Ranging from the hilariously ridiculous to the eerily realistic, here are the 25 most violent rap songs of all time, complete with the most potent threats.

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And even if he has sampled it, he'd actually be sampling ''good times''. Paul from London, England This song seemed to be used by EVERYONE, from Cassidy to Kid Rock to a 2002 honda advert. next time you listen to any song, chances are you'll find something taken from this rap masterpiece; Dawson from Draper, Ut I love this song. I love the bang. Total price: $31.14. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. One of these items ships sooner than the other. Show details. Buy the selected items together. This item: The Shirelles - 25 All-Time Greatest Hits by Shirelles Audio CD $16.16. Only 20 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by Amazon.com Of course, like all the best songs created from samples, it stood alone as a brilliant disco-dance number. the best selling 12″ of all time - was New Order's peak; a stunning explosion. Settling out of court, song credit went to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones and The Verve lost all royalties. Listen to Bitter Sweet Symphony and The Last Time . Lana Del Rey claimed Radiohead's lawyers were harassing her because Get Free and Radiohead's Creep sounded similar

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